G20 Summit a grand success

 The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi arrived to a grand welcome in Delhi. The Prime Minister landed in Delhi from Bengaluru today  after interacting with the ISRO team in the aftermath of the successful landing of the Chandrayaan - 3 moon lander. The Prime Minister had gone to Bengaluru directly after his 4 day tour of South Africa and Greece. Shri JP Nadda welcomed the Prime Minister and felicitated him on the achievements of his successful visit and the momentous achievement of the Indian scientists.

Responding to the warm civic reception, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for the enthusiasm of the people for the success of the Chandrayaan-3. The Prime talked about his interaction with the ISRO team and informed  that “the point where the moon lander of Chandrayaan-3 landed will now be known as ‘Shiv Shakti’” He elaborated that Shiv denotes Shubh and Shakti exemplifies Nari Shakti. Shiv Shakti also stands for the connection of Himalaya and Kanyakymari. Similarly, the Prime Minister informed that the point where Chandrayaan 2 left its footprints in 2019 will now be called ‘Tiranga’. He said that there was a proposal at that time too, but somehow heart was not ready. He said that a quiet resolution was taken to name the point of Chandrayaan-2 only after a fully successful mission. “Tiranga gives strength to deal with every Challenge”, the Prime Minister said. He also informed about the decision to celebrate August 23 as National Space Day. The Prime Minister conveyed the greetings and congratulatory messages that the global community showered to India during his visit.

The Prime Minister said that India is creating a new impact on the basis of its achievement and successes and the world is taking note.

Mentioning his visit to Greece, first in the last 40 years by an Indian Prime Minister, PM Modi highlighted love and regard for India in Greece and said that in a way Greece will become India’s gateway to Europe and will be a strong medium for robust India EU relations.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to take the youth’s involvement in Science further. Therefore, he said there is a need to see how space science can be leveraged for good governance and ease of living for the common citizen. He reiterated his decisions to deploy government departments in finding out ways of leveraging space science in service delivery, transparency and perfection. For this Hackathons will be organized in the coming days. 

The Prime Minister said that the 21st century is technology driven. “We have to move on the path of science and technology more firmly in order to achieve a Viksit Bharat by 2047”, he said. In order to instil scientific temper among the new generation, the fervour generated by the Chandrayaan success needs to be channelled into Shakti. For this a quiz competition will be organized on MyGov from September 1. New National Education Policy also has ample provisions for science and technology, he said.

The upcoming G-20 Summit, the Prime Minister said, is an occasion where the entire nation is a host but the maximum responsibility falls on Delhi. “Delhi has the good fortune to get an opportunity of keeping the flag of nations' prestige flying high”, Shri Modi said. He emphasized that Delhi needs to follow the tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ as this is a critical occasion to show the hospitality of India. “There will be a lot of activities between 5-15 September. I apologise in advance for the inconvenience that may be caused to the people of Delhi. As a family, all the dignitaries are our guests and we have to make our G20 Summit grand with collective efforts.”

Talking about the upcoming Raksha Bandhan and Indian tradition of treating Moon as a brother of Mother Earth, the Prime Minister called for a happy Raksha Bandhan and hoped that the fun filled spirit of the festival introduces the world to our traditions. He said in the month of September, the people of Delhi will give new strength to the achievements of our scientists by making the G20 Summit  a grand success.


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