three-day visit to National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Visual Disabilities

 The three-day visit to the National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Visual Disabilities (Divyangjan), Dehradun, concluded today. The institute focuses on various aspects of education and overall development for the visually impaired, including printing books. Education for disabled and visually impaired individuals requires joint effort from parents and teachers. The Cross Disability Early Intervention Center of the institute caters to children aged 4 to 12, where teachers educate them in the presence of their families. Teaching these young students poses significant challenges. Visually impaired children have limited vision capabilities.

To adapt to the modern era, the national institute for empowering Divyangjan is introducing new and contemporary courses, including Artificial Intelligence (AI). Starting this year, the institute has prepared to offer an AI course specifically tailored for Divyangjan students. This will enable them to excel in the IT sector through the utilization of cutting-edge technology. The institute has made provisions for the visually impaired students by providing Artificial Intelligence machines such as computer systems, expert systems, computing devices, sentence recognition applications, and other necessary equipment to facilitate their development.


The work of education and training of visually impaired children is being carried out in this institute for a long time. The children coming out from here are not only getting fully established in the mainstream of the society, but they are also securing great ranks in exams from UPSC civil services to CBSE Board exams. Apart from visually impaired children and adults, new research is being carried out daily for the training of other disabled people in this institute, as well as such human resources are also being prepared who can help others with their knowledge in other parts of the country.


Dr. Surendra Dhalwal, the Assistant Professor of Medical Psychology at the institute, explained that its origins can be traced back to the British era when it was established to assist soldiers who lost their eyes in war. After India gained independence, the government transformed it into a national institute, focusing on research and training for all types of disabled individuals, with a particular emphasis on visually impaired children. Today, the institute not only conducts research and training but also houses an intermediate-level college affiliated with the CBSE Board. This college provides education from primary to intermediate levels for visually impaired children from across the country.

Amit Kumar Sharma, the Vice Principal of the college, mentioned that the college currently has 254 registered students across different classes. These children are selected at a young age through an online application process. They reside in the hostel located within the college campus. During the Covid-19 pandemic, online education was introduced for the first time, and in 2021, the college's students achieved remarkable results in the CBSE board examinations. In recognition of their outstanding performance, the CBSE Board awarded the college an A+ category certificate.

Mr. Sharma further stated that the college is planning to introduce the study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as per the CBSE Board's curriculum. In addition to general subjects, visually impaired students are being taught subjects like Information Technology. The students' proficiency in computer education is so impressive that their visual impairment becomes inconspicuous.

The institute and college continue to evolve and adapt to modern education trends. Driven by a mission to empower visually impaired individuals, they strive to provide a nurturing environment where students can excel academically and acquire skills that enable them to overcome barriers.

Apart from general education, the National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with the Visual Disabilities (Divyangjan) also works on skill development and economic empowerment and has a Central Braille Press. Special ballots prepared for the visually impaired in the general elections are also prepared from this institute. Training for courses like B.Ed and D.Ed is also given in this institute so that necessary human resources can be prepared for training the Divyangjans. Many pass outs from here are working in different parts of the country to teach visually impaired children. Along with making necessary equipment for the visually impaired, research is also being done on it. The institute has also prepared a special chess board for visually impaired children.

Apart from different states of the country, children from many other countries also come to study in this institute. Today this institute is setting an example at the world level.


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