Startup20 Engagement Group

 Startup20 Engagement Group, operating under the esteemed India's G20 presidency, is all set to host its much anticipated third meeting here in Goa.

International delegates from G20 nations and Indian delegates will be arriving on 2nd June onward to Goa.

The Startup20 Engagement Group extends a warm welcome to all delegates attending this significant gathering. Under India's G20 presidency, Startup20 serves as a prime opportunity to foster collaboration, exchange ideas, and shape the future of startups and entrepreneurship on a global scale.

Embracing the spirit of "Sankalpana," a Sanskrit term for collective resolve, brings together international delegates and experienced members of the Indian Startup Ecosystem, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The focal point of the meeting will be to build consensus on the Draft Policy Communique, which the Startup20 recently published asking public for feedback. The meeting will feature a startup showcase, exciting talks as part of the Startup20x series, cultural experiences, and discussions on the implementation and benefits of the ideas outlined in the document. Dignitaries from state, central, and international levels are expected to be present at the meeting, adding to the significance of the event.

In addition, the Goa Sankalpana event will offer various stimulating sessions, including presentations by taskforces on the final policy communiqué, closed group country huddles, closed-door HoD meetings etc. These sessions will provide a platform for engaging discussions, fostering collaboration, and advancing initiatives that will shape the future of startups and entrepreneurship across G20 nations.

Furthermore, a gala dinner with a mesmerizing cultural program will add a touch of grandeur to the event, offering delegates an opportunity to network and unwind amidst the enchanting charm of Goa.

Moreover, Startup20 recognizes the vital role that startups play in driving economic growth and development. It aims to foster global economic growth, enhance international cooperation, and address pressing global challenges. Through various engagement initiatives, Startup20 promotes dialogue and collaboration on crucial issues, including startups and entrepreneurship.

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