Assam Rozgar Mela

 Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister congratulated the youth and their families who were recruited for government jobs in the Government of Assam. He recalled his visit to the state last month on the occasion of Bihu and said that the memory of the grand event which was a symbol of the glorification of Assamese culture, is still fresh in his mind. He noted that today's Rozgar Mela is a reflection of the seriousness towards the future of the youth in Assam. Even before this, the Prime Minister said, more than 40 thousand youths have been given government jobs through the Rozgar Mela in Assam. He informed that appointment letters have been handed over to about 45 thousand youths today and wished a bright future for the youth.

“Assam is witnessing a new era of peace and development and this pace of development has spread positivity and inspiration in Assam.”, the Prime Minister said. Reflecting on the processes initiated by the Government of Assam to make government recruitment more transparent, the Prime Minister touched upon the ‘Assam Direct Recruitment Commission’ that has been formed to carry out the recruitment process in various departments. He mentioned that many recruitments could not be completed on time due to the earlier process where each department had different rules and the candidates had to appear for different examinations for different departments. He stated that all these processes have now been made very easy, and congratulated the Assam Government for this feat.

“All of us have taken a pledge to make our country a developed nation in the Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal”, the Prime Minister remarked as he stressed that the next 25 years of Amrit Kaal are as important as Seva Kaal. Underlining the importance of the appointees’ behavior, thinking, approach to work, and impact on the public, the Prime Minister emphasized that the new appointees will be the face of the Assam Government for every common citizen. He mentioned that society is becoming aspirational and no citizen wants to wait for development. “In this era of Twenty20 cricket, the people of the country want quick results”, Shri Modi said as he highlighted the need for government systems to transform themselves accordingly. He underlined the responsibilities of  Government employees in fulfilling the aspirations of the citizens of the country. The Prime Minister urged the appointees to move forward with the same dedication that brought them here and stressed that they can contribute to improving society and the system by being open to learning new things.

The Prime Minister underlined that lakhs of crores of rupees are being spent on modernizing India’s infrastructure at a very fast pace and gave examples of new highways and expressways, railway lines, ports, airports and waterways, these projects. He mentioned that employment and self-employment opportunities are getting a boost in every sector with every new infrastructure project. He gave the example of the requirement of engineers, technicians, accountants, laborers, and various types of equipment, steel and cement for the development of an airport. He also mentioned that employment opportunities are being created by the expansion of railway lines and their electrification. He touched upon the emphasis towards ease of living and stated that since 2014, the government has constructed about 4 crore pucca houses with facilities like toilets, gas connections, tapped water supply and electricity, and handed them to the poor. He lauded the contributions of the manufacturing sector, logistics, skilled workers and laborers who put effort into building these houses and arranging these facilities. The Prime Minister also highlighted the role played by Ayushman Bharat Yojana in employment generation and mentioned that many new hospitals and clinics have been established in the country. Shri Modi also recalled the privilege of dedicating AIIMS Guwahati and 3 Medical Colleges a few weeks ago. Dental colleges have also expanded in Assam in the last few years, he added.  Due to this, the Prime Minister said, employment opportunities have been created for the youth associated with the medical profession.

“Today, youth are moving forward in many such sectors which no one could have imagined ten years ago”, the Prime Minister said as he highlighted the startup ecosystem that has helped in creating lakhs of direct and indirect jobs in the country. He also mentioned the growing demand for drones in agriculture, social events, survey and defence sectors and said that it has created new opportunities for the youth.  The Prime Minister also touched upon the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign which is contributing towards India’s growth by manufacturing crores of mobile phones in India.  Referring to the expanding broadband connectivity that is reaching every village, the Prime Minister said that it has encouraged employment and self-employment on a large scale. Shri Modi underlined that just one plan or one decision can impact the lives of people.

Crediting the policies of the present government, the Prime Minister underlined that a large number of youths from the North East are coming into the mainstream of development. “The Government is committed to fulfilling the dreams of the youth by giving new opportunities for employment and self-employment. We are also taking rapid steps towards building a new India”, the Prime Minister concluded.



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