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Winners don’t do different things; they do things differently.”

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You Can Winis authored by Shiv Khera and was released in 1998. Since then, it has become an international bestseller. This book has been translated into sixteen languages and sold more than two million copies around the world. This book has a title in Hindi Jeet Aapki. The writer is well known as a motivational speaker, educator, activist, business consultant, entrepreneur, etc.

Both you and I want to win. This is a fact, as well as everyone’s heartfelt wish. The new revised edition of the book, titled ‘You Can Win,’ emphasizes of winning and focuses on what it takes to succeed. The book presents inspiring examples to follow, allowing one to create a triumphant, meaningful, and satisfying life. The book provides the appropriate orientation and adds ingredients for the suitable formulas needed for success in life. There are eleven chapters in this book.

The author provides the reader with a good attitude and sends the reader on the proper paths in life right from the start of the first chapter. In reality, the author aspires to have a positive outlook on life that will enable him or her to win and thrive. An optimistic outlook on life can aid in overcoming all obstacles in one’s path to achievement. He also suggests to the reader to achieve one’s goal in life, one must embark off on an effective action plan, too.

The author encourages the reader to develop confidence by practicing positive thinking in their daily lives. A cheerful outlook on life has the same effect as medicine. It heals and motivates one to continue on with one’s life. The remaining chapters focus on adopting a good attitude toward life, regardless of what obstacles may arise or what walks of life one may belong to. Self-esteem must be developed. This can be beneficial in a variety of situations. This can assist one in dealing with life’s obstacles. Personal growth, according to the author, is a critical component of life achievement. As a result, a few chapters in this book reflect on and emphasize personality traits, interpersonal skills, positive thinking, habits, and choosing appropriate life objectives.

To make it more fascinating, the writer incorporates moral stories and anecdotes into his works and explains them to the best of his ability. The morals of novels do indeed convince the reader that nothing is truly impossible in life. The most important thing in life is to develop the proper mindset and formula for success.

The author also underlines the importance of being proactive in order to control, rather than be governed by, events in life. He encourages the reader to transform their weaknesses into strengths by cultivating positive outlooks on life, applying positive strokes to oneself and others, and developing positive habits and character. The author also instructs the reader on how to develop mutual respect and loyal relationships with each other.

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