Traffic Rules and Regulations

In 1914, the first legislation 'Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1914' was passed in our country to regulate the motor vehicles and as well as other road users. Since then, traffic pressure on Indian roads has multiplied several times, and the first Motor Vehicle Act 1914 has been amended and revised several times by the Government of India to form the 'The Motor Vehicle Act 1988'. Traffic rules and regulations are designed to ensure the smooth flow of motor vehicles on the road, which includes not only drivers but also pedestrians, cyclists, hand carters, and other road users. Drivers and other road users must have a thorough understanding of traffic rules/regulations, traffic signs, and markings. The proper understanding of these rules can significantly reduce the number of accidents while also establishing a healthy and well-organized traffic system in our country.

Both pedestrians and the drivers should be disciplined & obey all the rules and regulations. So, I request every citizen of this country to follow the do’s and don’ts listed down below for pedestrians and drivers, respectively.

DO’s for pedestrians -

  • DO walk in a straight line down the sidewalk.
  • DO stop at crosswalks and pay attention to the signals.
  • DO pay attention to your surroundings when walking, especially at night and alone.
  • DO take the time to enjoy your walk even if you are in a hurry… look around and see.
  • DO smile if you happen to make eye contact with another human being.

DON’Ts for pedestrians -

  • DON’T stop randomly on the sidewalk without checking that people are right behind you.
  • DON’T jaywalk without looking.
  • DON’T wear headphones and have your music turned up so loud you can’t hear what’s happening on the street.
  • DON’T cut across the sidewalk to get to a shop or something without looking behind you.
  • DON’T walk into things while your head is down looking at your phone… trust me, it happens!

DO’s while driving -

  • Do always wear a helmet while riding a 2 wheeler.
  • Do always wear a seat belt. 
  • Do follow the speed limit.
  • Do be courteous towards other drivers and riders.
  • Do give pedestrians the right-of-way in crosswalks.
  • Do make room for bicycles. 
  • Do pay attention while driving, even if you are familiar with the area. A surprising number of accidents take place only blocks away from home!
  • Do use indicators.
  • Always keep to the left.
  • Do keep a safe distance.
  • Do always carry the important papers and your driving license.
  • Do drive cautiously in severe weather.
  • Do plan your long route journeys in advance. Take proper gaps in between.

DON’Ts while driving -

  • Don’t drive alcohol and drive, and don’t get in a car with a driver who has been drinking or using drugs.
  • Don’t talk on your cell phone and drive at the same time. If you need to make or answer a call, pull over at a safe place and then resume your journey.
  • Don’t let your emotions and frustrations get the best of you. Don’t engage in road rage, no matter how irritating another driver might be to you.
  • Don’t tailgate other cars, pass on shoulders, run stoplights or stop signs, or break any other rules on purpose.
  • Don’t drive if you are underage.
  • Don’t overtake suddenly.
  • Don’t use brakes suddenly.
  • Don’t overspeed over potholes.

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