Why should you be hired for this role?

 I should be hired for this role because since childhood I love to work for others. During my school time, I have done social work along with my friends by helping in studies and by providing books to the needy students. In my opinion, by investing little time from our daily routine can make a big difference in someone's life. I always feel fulfill when I am able to help others. Making a difference in my community is something that drives me every day. Also, working for needy people have always brought happiness to me that I am being able to make a difference in the life of a person. We often feel that if we haven't done a thousand good deeds it is not worth it but in reality, every small action that makes even one person's life better is commendable. When you are working with an NGO or any social organization, you are helping multiple people in different ways. Apart from this, you can learn a lot while doing social work, it enhances your perception of the world, and you understand the sociological aspects necessary to create an impact. You can interact with like-minded individuals that can help in your growth and development. It has a lot of benefits for you as well as the people you are helping. In addition to this, I have an advanced level proficiency in English langauge as recently I have given a TOEFL exam (Total scores - 96).

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