Tips to Design a Perfect Card

Wondering how to design a perfect card. Here are the tips - 

Basic design principles
It might seem obvious but it is worth reiterating that a card is a piece of printed design material like any other. This means the basic principles of paper-based design apply when it comes to designing cards. 

Get creative
You can get very creative with cards. A card needs to be easy to stow in a pocket, or wallet, and cards designed in very different sizes or formats may be more likely to get lost or thrown out. 

Make it tactile
Quality support and special finishes can allow you to design a more tactile card through embossing or debossing text or designs. 

Make your card useful
You have to be careful when you consider how to design a card with a function since it should be something that is relevant to your business and to your clients, and if making something useful means straying too far from the usual business card shape and size, your card might not be kept.

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