How to Make DIY Greeting Cards

People always enjoy receiving a greeting card for any occasion. So, why go out to the store and pay up to rupees 10 for a card that would not make the person receiving it as happy as they would be if the card was homemade.  You can make a greeting card from scratch or on the computer easily enough, and you might have some fun doing it.

It is always helpful to have all your supplies laid out in front of you before you begin your project. 

Depending on what kind of greeting card you plan to make, you will need glue, scissors or a paper cutter, paper or blank cards, envelopes, small decorations to put on the card, and a pen or pencil.

You can also recycle things around the house.

Items such as buttons, ribbons, and old belts, all look great when properly attached to the cards.

You can simply cut the paper down to a smaller size using a paper cutter or even cut it into different shapes. 

You can draw something running throughout the card, like a sea monster or a landscape. 

If you know the person you are giving the card to, try to make something that would appeal to them.

Most greeting cards have generalized text before you get into the personal greeting.

Write something that perfectly matches the occasion. 

Take letters from newspapers or magazines of varying sizes and fonts and paste them around your card in a mix-matched manner to make it attractive.

Consider putting your signature on the back of the card so that the person it is being given to knows who made it.

At last, place the card in the envelope.

If you do not have a printer at home, visit a print shop to print out your card for a small fee.

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