Different Types of Cards

Sometimes it feels like a week does not go by without an event, celebration, or occasion that requires a greeting card. There are different types of cards that certainly grab the attention. 

Birthday cards
When it comes to celebrations, birthdays are something that most of us like to celebrate. So if you want your loved one’s birthday card to really stand out, creating an extra special design is a great way to show how much you care.

Anniversary cards
Whether it is your anniversary or someone else’s, marking the special occasion with a card shows you are thinking of the person or people you care about. 

Wedding or engagement cards
Celebrating a wedding or engagement is a special time for any couple, so to make your card stand out, make it extra personal. 

Baby shower cards
If you are going to a baby shower, before or after the baby arrives, a card for the baby shower can be a wonderful greeting and a treasured moment. 

Friendship card
Friendship cards mean you can have so much fun simply celebrating a friendship. Use a friendship card to show them all the reasons why you choose them to be a special part of your life. 

Thank you cards
This type of card has a wide potential audience. 

Mother’s and Father’s Day cards
Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are big dates on the card-giving calendar. 

Congratulations cards
A personalized congratulations card is a perfect choice for the recipient. 

Valentine’s Day cards
It is a great way to get Valentine’s Day card with special places, names, and unique references that only you two understand. 

Christmas cards
Get your own Christmas card, with an image of your family, a hand-drawn design of your own, or something that makes this special time of year unique to you.

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