7 tips to crack GATE 2024

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1. The Early You Start, The Better It Is.

GATE is an exam that usually entails consistent study. It is advantageous to begin early as you'll have enough time to thoroughly study the topics and revise on a regular basis. GATE preparation is best done in the third year of engineering. You must devote at least a few hours per week, preferably on weekends, to GATE preparation. Aspirants have been studying for the exam for over two years, so competition is fierce.

2. Know the GATE Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Before you begin your GATE preparation, familiarize yourself with the GATE 2024 exam pattern and syllabus. The exam contains both MCQ and numerical questions. There is negative marking as well except for the numerical type questions.

The following step is to review the GATE Syllabus 2024. Subjects and topics should be prioritized based on your conceptual knowledge and understanding of the subject. Categorize the topics based on your strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which ones to focus on more. Aside from that, select the core subjects that you must thoroughly study in order to score higher.

3. Make a proper study plan

The study plan will differ depending on whether the candidate is a first-timer or a repeater, as well as on their strengths and weaknesses. Examine the exam pattern, syllabus, and difficulty level carefully before creating an effective study plan. Create a long-term, monthly, and daily plan. Experiment with a variety of problems from various sources. Practice a variety of problems from different sources. Take as many mock tests as possible, solve previous year’s papers, and sample papers.

4. Manage your time effectively

Time management is crucial in GATE preparation. Make a workable schedule and make good use of your time. Plan out the time needed to cover the syllabus and set aside time for each task related to your GATE preparation. Revision is essential; take it seriously and practice a variety of question papers to better manage time during the exam.

5. Take Mock Tests and Analyze the Results

Taking mock tests can help you keep track of your performance at every stage of your preparation. It is not enough to simply take mock tests; it is also necessary to analyze the results. Recognize your mistakes and areas for improvement.

6. Focus on General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics

If you want to pass GATE 2024, concentrate on Mathematics and Aptitude. Prepare thoroughly for these two subjects because you will score much higher in this section than in the others. The Aptitude section is worth 15 points, as is the Mathematics section. As a result, preparing for this section without fail is an excellent strategy. 

7. Join an online test series

One of the best ways to determine your level of preparation is to take an online test series. These are created by expert faculty and include previous year questions. These will help you compete with the actual candidates who will be appearing for the year, and you can also analyze your AIR. You can get information about the best test series from your seniors and teachers, who may already be enrolled.

Think beyond the textbook and look for real-world applications of engineering concepts. This will assist you in making things more interesting and realistic. Develop your visualization skills and look for connections and relationships between concepts. This will assist you in learning more effectively. Make analogies to help you explain topics and concepts. 

Take good care of your health and get enough sleep. Revise frequently and keep a cool head on exam day.

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