Reasons why Men's Day should be celebrated

International Men's Day:

Every year, guys all throughout the world have a special meaning for November 19. Why? mainly since today is designated as International Men's Day. It is a time when men's health, bettering gender relations, and empowering males need to receive special attention.

Women are widely considered to play a crucial role in all aspects of daily life. They sustain the institution of marriage, contribute positively to their community and society, and actively participate in childbirth and childrearing while continuously supporting the men.

It's crucial to keep in mind that males contribute just as significantly as women, without diminishing the great contribution that women make. That is why it is necessary to have a day just for guys. Men's Day should receive more recognition even though it doesn't currently.

Reasons why International Men's Day should be celebrated:

• When children are young, they often look up to someone as their role model. Men can be positive role models in this regard. Nowadays, the majority of kids grow up idolizing athletes, entertainers, or actors—especially those who portray superheroes. There is nothing wrong with doing this, but it is far preferable to have a regular male as a role model, such as a father who lives a normal, respectable life and is a good person. Children will understand that being an example to others does not require being well-known or popular on social media in this way. And a father's engagement can benefit his young children by making them feel important. Never forget that you are a hero if you are sincere, diligent, and disciplined.

• A day to hon0r men's positive contributions: Today, women and men coexist together and occasionally even outperform one other. This is essential for a more equitable society, but it's also critical to recognize men's accomplishments. Men, too, contribute positively and significantly to society, the family, marriage, and raising children in their own unique ways. Therefore, this merits celebration.

Men's issues should be talked about:

Boys are typically brought up with the stereotyped idea that men should be tough and never exhibit any signs of weakness. This is entirely incorrect. Men can experience issues on the personal and professional fronts because they are also just like everyone else. Furthermore, discussing and resolving such concerns in an open manner is healthier than to stay quiet.

• It emphasizes the value of a father: Nowadays, one or both parents struggle to juggle work and family responsibilities due to our increasingly hectic lives. The mother always decides to take a break and watch the kids. What about the father, though? The father frequently spends so little time with his family because he is so busy at work. A day dedicated to men is a wonderful way to inspire fathers to be there for their kids and take an active part in their lives.

• Gender equality: What does that mean? In broad terms, it refers to a situation in which men and women have an equal voice and access to opportunities in both personal and professional spheres. Boys are frequently taught at a young age that their only options are to endure hardships in silence and to take on the responsibility of being the family's primary breadwinner or provider. Men are subjected to unnecessary pressure from a young age because of this, and some of them break down.

• The day set aside to raise awareness of discrimination: It is true! Men experience discrimination in a variety of ways as well. Men are actually required to join the military and serve their country in numerous nations. Additionally, there exist laws that favour women in matters of child custody and alimony. Men are also expected to be powerful, macho, and to refrain from complaining about prejudice. Perhaps it's time to examine these delicate problems more closely.

• Men and women work in tandem to maintain balance: A guy cannot provide for his child in the same way that a woman can. The same is true for females. Men are typically perceived as demanding and playful with their children, in contrast to the stereotype of women as loving, kind, sensitive, and nurturing caregivers. In actuality, the two parents complement one another and both provide something unique to parenting. Additionally, they must cooperate and share the same commitment in parenting their kids. Children develop emotionally and physically healthier and happier throughout that time.

Men are, in the end, a necessary and equal component of society. They play many roles, such as father, son, brother, uncle, and grandfather, much like women. Shouldn't we honour guys for who they are, what they have accomplished, and how they assist the women in their lives? What better way to accomplish that than by setting aside a day only for males!

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