Who doesn’t like to look beautiful? But, for being the centre of attraction, you have to spend maybe a million dollars a year to feel contented. Myth alert! Do you know, you can look 10x younger without spending a single penny? Yes, you’ve read that right. The simple solution is EXERCISE! 

Science says that a person who exercises regularly has a higher lifespan with more happy days, and the feeling of being confident enough is just endless. 

Exercise continues to help millions of people stay fit and achieve their goals every day. Along with its many benefits, one major benefit of exercising is that it assists in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Regular exercise reduces your blood pressure and overall bad cholesterol. Not only this, it increases your good cholesterol levels as well — wow! 

Every year, almost 70 million Americans are affected by insomnia (sleeplessness). And almost 40-50% of the adult population globally suffers from this condition. These figures are alarming. But, don’t worry. Exercise is here for our rescue. It is scientifically proven that exercise greatly improves the quality of sleep. Since exercise improves physical health, so by the end of the day, your body feels rested. And as a result, you stop turning and tossing your head in anticipation of a restful sleep all night. 

Over the years, multiple types of research and studies have shown how inactivity has contributed to increasing an individual's weight. However, exercise can help you lose weight as well. 

To fully understand the effect of exercise on weight loss, it is important to first understand the connection between body energy consumption and exercise. 

Your body uses energy in three ways: 

1) Digestion

2) Exercise

3) Maintaining heartbeat & breathing

During digestion, a lower calorie intake lowers your metabolic rate, which, in the meantime, aids in delaying weight loss.  On the other hand, regular exercise increases your metabolic rate, and resultantly, your body burns more calories and you begin to lose weight. No, that's not magic. Its science. 

Depression and anxiety have found their places in our minds. Even burnouts are forcing people to take pricey therapy sessions. But, it’s about time you should kiss goodbye to all those factors that make your feel depressed. 

Exercise is the answer. Yes, exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that lift your spirits and give you a positive feeling. It can also help you combat loneliness and make you a sociable person altogether. 

When we think about or read about exercise, one question that frequently comes to mind is, "How much exercise is enough?" Actually, it depends on your age and medical condition. However, it is advised to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day to live a happy and healthy life.

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