Delhi Aftab-Shraddha Murder Case: Here’s The Full Story!

 Delhi Aftab-Shraddha Murder Case:Here’s The Full Story!

One case that puzzled and shocked us a week ago was the Aftab-Shraddha Delhi murder. For starters, Delhi police have accused Aftab her amine of murdering the family's girlfriend, Shraddha, and then dissecting her body and dumping her in the woodlands of Delhi over the course of her 18 days. of Poonawala was arrested. The accused allegedly tried to dupe the Delhi police in the early stages of the investigation. But even though he removed the physical evidence, the digital trail he left behind helped police uncover the truth of the case and uncover his suspicions of the crime.

Sources Aftab and Shraddha met through his Bumble dating app. They decide to live together after Shraddha's parents express their disagreement about inter-religious relations. On May 18, the day Aftab allegedly murdered her Shraddha, the couple apparently got into an altercation over household expenses. The fighting is said to have escalated to such an extent that Aftab strangled Shraddha to death between 8:00 and 10:00 pm that night. Aftab allegedly kept his Shraddha's body in his home overnight and went to buy a knife and a refrigerator the next day. According to an affidavit to the police, Aftab dismembered his Shraddha's body into 35 pieces, stored them in a newly purchased refrigerator, and dumped them in the Mehrauli forest area over a period of 18 days.

Unfortunately, Shraddha became estranged from his family during this time as he opposed his relationship with them. So it took him six months before they realized something was wrong. Shraddha is said to have only been in touch with her mother after she confided that Aftab would abuse her. Shraddha's friends also claim that Aftab beat her. Details about Aftab's alleged psychopathic behavior after murder shocked people

“More than a week before I killed Shraddha on May 18, 2022, I had decided to kill Shraddha. So I put it off for later," ANI reported, citing a Delhi police source who cited Aftab's confession. He reportedly ordered frequently through Zomato and other online grocery delivery apps, but he always ordered two servings. He also reportedly ordered ready-made tea from places like Chai Point instead of buying sugar, tea leaves and milk. is said to have gone Aftab told police it took him 10 hours to dismember Shraddha's body after killing her. He was pretty tired when he finished dismantling her body. He paused. He drank beer and smoked cigarettes before continuing his crime. In the end, he showered again, ordered dinner from Zomato, and that night he watched a movie on Netflix.

Aftab apparently considered removing physical evidence, but failed to remove digital evidence. During the initial investigation into the case by Delhi police, Aftab Amin initially told police that he had left his home on May 22 after the two had quarreled. At the time, he said Shraddha left all of her belongings at her home and took only her mobile phone with her when she left.

He further claimed the two had not been in contact since, the media outlet reported, citing police sources.However, police reviewed Aftab and Shraddha's call records and investigated their whereabouts. Now the truth has come out. Police obtained Shraddha's and Aftab's bank statements showing his transaction of Rs. The deal in question exposed Aftab's lies, which she previously stated that Shraddha has been away since May 22 and that she has not been in contact with her. A follow-up revealed that the location of the bank transaction on 26 May was in the area of ​​the Mehrauli police station, and the police interrogated his Aftab to find out whether Shraddha had a phone at the exit, and I asked how his location could be traced to his home. Aftab had no answer to it and eventually, after further questioning by police, he confessed to his crimes.

“I like to watch web series and crime series, and while watching these shows, I wondered how to save body parts and keep Shraddha alive in front of my family and friends. I continued to post on Shraddha's Instagram profile after the murder to avoid any suspicion or suspicion regarding her whereabouts. told Delhi police. He also revealed that he was inspired by web series like Dexter to get ideas on how to dispose of her body, police said the defendant first crushed her liver and intestines before disposed of. A trained chef, he knew how to use knives on her meat, police added.The liver and intestines were disposed of in forested areas near Chattarpur and Mehrauli, sources said.

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