The disparity between the rich and the poor is a major issue in India. It has been on the main agenda of most of the country's major political parties, and it is still on the agenda, but there has not been much progress in this regard, even though the government and some NGOs are actively participating in activities that are very beneficial to the poor people's status. In economic terms, the poor have less purchasing power, whereas the rich have more purchasing power. Poverty is one of the major impediments to the Indian economy. Poor people mostly live in villages and cities in search of work.

The government has made numerous attempts to close this gap, including plans that were part of five-year plans and excellent concepts from highly educated individuals, but due to corruption, they were not implemented as effectively as they could have been, and as a result, it is taking so long. Economic inequity: Because they cannot afford higher education, people in this class rely on their physical strength to earn a living, and they typically work in factories or other organisations. Their earnings and purchasing power are extremely low, and they are true victims of inflation. They become ill due to a lack of education and awareness about these issues, either because they truly avoid the health aspects of life or because they cannot afford the good stuff and quality foods. Only money is not the problem even though the Indian government is spending so much money on the poor's and there are schemes like the Employment guarantee scheme under which they get a guarantee of having 100 days of work with the best wages available and rice and other food commodities are available in very low cost for people who comes in below poverty line. So money is not the problem and even policies which provide money will not be sufficient to solve this problem permanently. What is missing is motivation people in the low class are not motivated they are not able to maintain the label of motivation because they don't have a clear goal defined for their goal there thinking is biased by their financial position. 

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