What is noise pollution, and why should you be concerned about it?

What is noise pollution, and why should you be concerned about it? 

Noise Pollution, like any other pollution, is harmful to all humans and animals alike. 

Noise pollution is considered to be a sound that is loud, loud and unbearable. Impetuous and constant exposure to high decibels of sound can damage your overall hearing ability for life. 

If you were to close your eyes for a minute and cautiously try to hear everything around you, you would listen to at least 5 to 6 different sounds (unless you’re not sitting under a rock). Sounds of cars, horns, drilling, people chatting, the noise of footsteps, your quirky neighbour playing the drum, or simply you breathing. This shows how we are constantly under exposure to ‘unwanted’ sounds. This can increase stress levels, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and whatnot. 

Do you know the name of your body's smallest and softest bone? It is known as Stripe. It is located inside your ear. This tiny bone can seriously be damaged by noise pollution. Which further results in loss of hearing and intense pain in one’s ear. Noise pollution causes serious harm to your ear drums, and to the hair cells in your linear ear. This renders your hearing ability to be completely hampered. 

Another cause of concern is that this ‘noise pollution is not restricted to land only. It’s inside the sea as well. And the marine life is not having a very good time with it. Ships, Seismic tests, Oil drills, and Naval Sonar devices, all play their part in making the once peaceful ocean a living hell. Marine animals, mainly Dolphins and Sharks, use a specialized mechanism called ‘echolocation’ to hunt for food, communicate, and find mates. The process of ‘echolocation’ is badly disrupted by noise pollution, and as a result, they fail to find food and communicate effectively. 

Therefore, it is binding upon everyone to make efforts, and take adequate measures to reduce the noise that harms everyone. Make your surroundings more peaceful, and noise-free. Plant trees, turn off the appliances, make use of noise absorbents, and don’t forget to wear an earplug. 

Let’s silence the noise that pollutes our Earth!

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