The Life of an MBA student !


The Life of an MBA student !

 Hello Readers!

Well, Why did I choose this topic? 

simply yes! because I am a student of MBA. Giving 2 years of my life to doing MBA is not that much easy as it looks but still, I choose it why? because I did not have any choice I know you all are wondering there are endless choices available nowadays so why MBA?

What were the reasons for choosing an MBA?

  • there was no liberty for abroad studies.
  • Government jobs have become tough day-to-day to get.
  • there were only a few options available exes, CA, CS, MBA, or gov jobs preps.
why only MBA?
I was always an average student in class so I never had an interest in doing CA or CS but when it about government jobs then everyone knows how much people get gov jobs every year as compared to applicants so I don't want to spend or waste my time over that so that's why I chose MBA but literally I did not have any idea about how it is going to be? so it was quite tough for me in many ways but then somehow I manage it.

we are been taught from our schooling days to do a study! get good marks otherwise you won't get a good career in the future we used to follow that but when I took admitted to an MBA then I realized there is no value in getting good marks if you get 50% or 95% you would be treated as equal for the company as good marks is not something that company demands as they are not coming for hiring a professor so what kinds of qualities they look for in an MBA student are-

Skills To Have In MBA Student?

  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork
  • Positive attitude 
  • Good listener 
  • Be active
  • Be patient
  • Be empathic
  • Some basic conceptual knowledge of academics
Among them what is the utmost skill for an MBA is to have good communication skills most students got failed in this but companies do not compromise on it as it is the basic skill every MBA degree holder should have otherwise be genuine sorry! there is no way of getting a good package placement offer for an MBA.

How to improve communication skills?

As we all have this doubt about how to improve our vocabulary or get fluent in speaking frankly speaking HR doesn't expect you to speak like a foreigner as they only demand a conversational level of speaking skills which is not tough as I do think as might be it could be difficult for you but trust me if you do practice then nothing is impossible.

ways to improve communication!

  • Start Reading English newspapers as it will double benefit you first by getting insights about current affairs & finding good vocabulary words.
  • Browse Youtube podcast videos and start listening to them & understand how they talk and get knowledge from there.
  • last option is nothing just start reading books as many people prefer to read books but some do not so if could start reading them then definitely it will benefit you!
What are the stages in MBA placement drives?

Usually, there are 3 stages that most renowned companies prefer to have for hiring any MBA holder.
  1. Aptitude test
  2. Group discussion 
  3. Personal Interview (PI)
1 Aptitude test:

This is the first stage in which the company holds an exam which generally contains some aptitude & verbal questions which you need to clear as the company already have criteria like how much marks a student should have to reach to next level so it is very important to clear it otherwise you won't able to sit in the next round. in my college, my faculty teachers taught us about it but might be in every college this facility don't have .

2 Group discussion

After clearing the first round of aptitude you will be able to sit in the GD round.GD basically means group discussion where you will have a team of around 12 members and as a team, you will be given a topic on which you all have to give your viewpoint in just 5 minutes yes! here the important thing is that the students think a person who initiates the GD will score high marks as it could be possible but not in every case if you speak your point wisely with good content then there is a high chance of yours to reach the next round.

3: Personal interview

the final stage is the PI or personal interview round as it is the final chance to impress HR you have already cleared two stages so your 80% work is done if HR selects you for this round then it means he has observed you in the GD round and he has made up his mind for hiring you and it is just an interaction between his/her with you to know more about you so just be patient! be cool! in front of HR and always be honest and I assure you! you will definitely grab the opportunity.

I wish you will enjoy reading it!
thank you!

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