ICT(Information and Communication technology)

 ICT : 

Every language speaks about the diversity and personality of different people. English language has become a global language it has different functions and preferences as compared to various languages on the globe. English is used as the primary and secondary language by different people in various parts of world like USA, Canada, New Zealand etc. English language has also been used for business communications and conferences. English language is playing very significant role in every disciplines of the world. There has been a significant change happening in the world and English language has been transformed due to information and communication technology and impact of globalization. 

It has expanded the English language spreading its way to new teaching and learning techniques and technologies. In education field ICT have great impact on the young and teaching language. New transformed technologies and methods have taken the place of traditional systems. Technology act as tool for motivation among minds of students making them innovative and creating new age renovation in their learning methods. ICT has created new development and possibilities in classrooms. The role of teacher, its nature and context of learning have been modified and redefined to meet the new Era of learning. The key issues and challenges, impact, adaptation to new technologies and their transition through using ICT in their education.  

Keywords : ICT, Teaching and learning methods, Problems faced by students, Impact of ICT on students health.

The new era ICT consist of computer, satellite, wireless technologies and the internet. They combined and form networked world. The affordability of digital technologies offer opportunities for collaborative learning environment.

 ICT contribute to development of creative activities. teachers understand the deep pedagogy of their subject, students can use ICT using their impact and they should have good knowledge and know the usage of new ICT developments. By using information and communication technology students have developed awareness and capability in using language. Many teachers and online platforms are guiding students have to communicate language effectively. Technology can be used in meaningful and communicative activities as it help to stimulate skills in students in oral and writing language. Increased use of technology in education increase the gap between teachers and students interactivity. Computer based activities are motivating and provide strong focus for group activity. Group of students do face to face and online discussions on specific writing task or topic based on their subject or course of study. Through talking or online communication, the ability of the learners to interact effectively will improve and their understanding critical aspect of the activity. New technologies organize learning activities and it organize, stimulate joint intellectual activities. 

ICT motivate students and hold their attention. It help to develop speaking and listening skills among students. The visualization process of technology has greater effect on the independent thinking and imaginative capacity of students. ICT tools are used for educational support and promote innovation. Digital educational games act as tool in the learning process. The factors that impact of information communication technology on students are the availability of the learning resources and materials. Online telecommunications for teaching and learning through computer across the world. ICT have positive effects on student attitude towards teaching and learning. It will increase self confidence and self esteem using computer instruction. Learner can interact with other people across different places. Technology help students to create and edit the works assigned to them, they can publish new works. They are exposed to different languages and they can improve their progress. Through the online meetings they can communicate to the outside world beyond their reach. ICT help teachers to produce, prepare, store and retrieve their materials easily without wasting time. 

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