Essay on My Best Friend

 Friends should be fewer but they should be very sincere. But, it is very difficult to find sincere friends. Such people cannot be found everywhere. If you have got enough money to spend on your friends, you may have plenty of friends. If you are a poor man, very few people care for you.

There are many well-wishers of mine in the world. But I do not find them suitable to befriend. Most of them are selfish people. If I ask them of making a favour to me, they do not stand by me.

A sincere friend can be tested in times of adversity. In times of prosperity there are many friends, but in times of adversity, only a few people are left who stand by us. Such people are fit to be called as friends. Most of the people are very selfish and they know to grind their own axe. They have no sympathy with you. They simply want to exploit you. Therefore, we have to search for good friends.

I have got only four friends who have proved themselves as worthy of my friendship while tested well in times of adversity. But Shri Govind Lal is the sincerest person. Once I was travelling in the bus and unfortunately my pocket was picked. He was with me. He caught the pick-pocket and snatched the purse from him and handed it over to me. He took him to the Police Station and thus saved my life and money. Since that day we have been close friends. He is a rich man’s son. His father has got a big factory. But he is a bold, plain-speaking and truthful person.

I do not like lying or liars. Shri Govind Lal is truth-loving fellow. He does not like lying. He is my class-mate.

He is weak in studies and I help him every day in the evening. He goes out for a walk with me and tells me strange stories.

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