Our educational system has currently undergone a paradigm transition, not just in terms of resources and content, but also in terms of manner. E-books replaced hardcovers, Google Classrooms replaced project files, tablet displays replaced whiteboards, and virtual meetings replaced classroom contact.

The COVID-19 issue has already interrupted numerous industries, including education. The disappearance of conventional classrooms is one of the many casualties of COVID-19. While online courses existed before the pandemic, they had a distinct function for students, such as providing access to modules if they did not have the means or augmenting what they were taught in actual classrooms. Back then, online learning was never intended to be the primary form of instruction. However, because of social distancing restrictions and lockdowns, online classrooms have become the principal source of educational teaching for pupils of all ages. Sugarcoating the current situation does not assist or make it any easier for us: online learning is difficult. Education is intended to be passed on through human interaction. Storytelling was the original kind of education: people all over the world used stories to pass down knowledge, history, beliefs, and customs. Stories are vital to everything that makes us human. While the online learning platform is really beneficial, it takes away what we as people are designed for social thinking, meaningful interactions, and true connection. Humans have a basic need for food and shelter, but we also have a basic urge to belong to a community and develop connections. Most of our thoughts, behaviours, and feelings are motivated by the desire to be in a loving relationship, to fit in at school, to avoid rejection, to be well-liked, to have fun with friends, to get along with family, and to check in on social media. Life is tough, people are complicated, and transitioning from traditional schooling to online education is no easy task. But, just as every coin has two sides, there are certain positive elements to this transformation that cannot be overlooked. Online education enables on-time study, degree completion, and completion without any delay or gap. It's a stroke of luck that you were born in the digital age, where you have the resources and means to profit from online education. Online schooling has its advantages. It provides 'flexibility,' since you may learn at your own speed using recorded videos. It also accommodates your comfort level and allows you to study from home. Online education has also proven to be a blessing for folks in need of sometime time' in the middle of life's hustle and bustle. This might be an excellent time to focus on regular sleep, regular exercise, good eating, and regular work hours. We can now enjoy that activity we put off for so long. I propose that you schedule certain study/work hours. Even in this new format, embrace the greatest things. Make it clear to your colleagues that you care about them. Find meaningful and one-of-a-kind methods to interact with others during this time. When things return to normal, your tenacity in the face of adversity will undoubtedly propel you ahead.

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