World Suicide Prevention Day

 World Suicide Prevention Day

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) organizes World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), which is observed every year on September 10 and is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO). The occasion shows the world's dedication to raising awareness of suicide prevention.

The WSPD 2022 theme, "Creating hope through action," emphasizes the importance of taking action as a community to address this pressing public health issue. Suicide prevention in the region is a responsibility shared by all of us, including our families, friends, coworkers, educators, religious leaders, medical professionals, elected officials, and governments.


The main objective of this day is to increase global awareness of suicide prevention. Promoting stakeholder cooperation and self-empowerment are goals that will help avoid self-harm and suicide. These can be accomplished by enhancing the skills of healthcare professionals and other key players, spreading encouraging and educational messages to the general public and vulnerable populations like young people, and promoting open dialogue on mental health at all levels of society—at home, at school, at work, etc. People who are thinking about or touched by suicide are also urged to share their experiences and get support from a professional.

Hope Through Action

People who commit suicide or attempt suicide have an adverse influence on their family, communities, and societies as a whole. The COVID-19 has further enhanced associated risk factors for suicide, such as loss of employment or financial resources, abuse or trauma, mental and substance use disorders, and obstacles to receiving medical care. More over half of those polled in Chile, Brazil, Peru, and Canada one year after the pandemic's start said that their mental health had gotten worse.

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