why should we donate to charity?

 why should we donate to charity?

Donation is a great way to provide the resources to those who need them the most as it could not completely fulfill their needs but it could be a support to them or help in a way. sometimes we also feel to give or help someone but we usually don't know the ways or routes that's why we are not able to support them. there are end of charitable institutions exist in our country through them we can help the needy ones but if know any kind of foundation or volunteer then you can even directly help them.

what could be the reason for the donation?

  • donation gives happiness 

 it is found that people usually give donation because it gives them happiness as we are humans who have some emotional side also which encourage us to help the needy one as we feel they also have the right to have every kind of accessibility as we have in way of food, money, etc.

  • for saving tax 
there are many organizations that donate their money just for the sake of saving it form tax as they don't want to pay tax to the government so they thought the donation is a great way to spend that amount of money on needy ones and it creates the favorable image of that organization in front of the society.

  • ease in giving

before it was not easy for people to reach out to people who are in need or charitable institutions but with digitization, it has become easy for people to connect with them now they can even donate online and provide their funds to them.

  • awareness have raised 
before people were not that much aware of what is happening in the world but now because of the internet, we get instant updates about issues or problems which people are facing or suffering so because of knowing about contingencies people could contribute towards that and it has become the citizen more responsible towards their duty.

  • social media impact
social media also play a significant impact on raising awareness and contributing towards donation as everyone is active on social media platforms so their people get information about who is in need as sometimes we get to know through our connection people so we can easily help and support them.

conclusion -

so these were some reasons but it could be more the ultimate motive of donation is self-satisfaction as people get happy when they see the smile on another person's face because of us so the motive could be different but the objective is someone same in all cases.

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