what is seo for plumber?

 what is SEO for a plumber?

SEO for plumbers simply means increasing plumbing companies' web presence in SERP by optimizing the website and its pages. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which implies increasing the website's ranking by performing two functions: on-page and off-page. nowadays all people are online who search for everything online so if they need any plumbing service and if your business rank on google my business listing then there is a high chance of getting customers for your business.

why do you need an online presence for plumbing service?
  • more than 40% of searches people do for local services through phones.
  • half of the search for local services gets converted into a paying customer.
  • more than 97% of searches are being done by people for availing local services.
why should anyone invest in local plumber businesses online?
more than 80% of house owners search for local services and among them, more than 90% of searches get converted into leads within the top 3 search results.

how to boom your online plumbing business with SEO?
  • keywords research:
before jumping to establish any online business, the most important thing is to do first keyword research to know what people are searching or what are they searching the most relevant to your business then you will find thousands of keywords there but you need to select that one which defines your business most appropriate for that you can take help form online free tools like google keyword planner it will help in finding the right keyword for your business.
  • quick loading website 
if your website takes time in loading then it might increase your website bounce rate as people are not that patient that they will wait till the website appears for that you need to check the technical SEO part of your website and why it is taking time in uploading and fix it.
  • check and update the meta:
meta tag and deception are a part of on-page SEO which play a very important role in the ranking of the website on SERP page as it tells about the content of the website to google bots like what your website is all about, what kind of content it contains so you should optimize it properly so it will help in generating traffic easily.

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