Virtual Drive

 Virtual Drives

New revolution have started with cloud storage systems in public domain such as Google drive, Microsoft sky drive, Dropbox, Amazon cloud drive, Box etc. Cloud computing is a tool that help us to share resources over the cloud and sometimes create an insecure feeling about storing our files outside our control.

GOOGLE DRIVE – It offers 5 GB of Freescale. Users can opt for more storage. Google drive creates a folder in Mac, Android or PC and users can simply drag and drop files. Google has merged Google docs with Google drive. It has brilliant file support that can open 30 different file types inside the web browser like photoshop files. It has an OCR scanning feature which scans the text from an image.

SKYDRIVE- It is from Microsoft and offers 7GB free storage. Users who have already used more than 4GB of space will have the right to utilize 25GB of storage for free. Users can create folders in their Mac or PC. Skydive relies it’s integration with Microsoft Office. Everything is seamlessly synced across different devices and users can edit documents inside browser using Office. Users can share links to files publicly or privately. The tremendous utility is it fetch, allows user to access files from one’s home computer( if it’s ON) that aren’t inside SkyDrive folder.

Amazon Cloud Drive – It allows storing photos, documents, videos and other digital files in the cloud using any internet connected computer. It offers 5GB of storage space and are secure. Files will be protected from hard drive crash or laptop theft.

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