Unrequited chest of love

Love a four-letter word but this word has the power to bend a person’s psychic to insanity.
The relationship is a beautiful stepping stone in the journey of love which is made of compassion, trust, comfort, and a romantic emotionally stabilizing atmosphere. This concept may seem to be a child’s play but in reality, it’s complicated. 
Several factors such as perception, thinking patterns, priorities & level of dedication/ seriousness in a relationship differ. 
A love story is like communication its beauty intensifies if it’s two-way. Otherwise, it can open doors to agony for one of the partners (or Both) in place of the cuddling bliss of happiness.
For a clearer picture, mostly one-sided love is met with the curse of moving in the dark desert of thoughts and self-doubt while serving the faith of being a guardian of some fascinating movements of the loved one.
Even the most powerful healer of all times “lord o’clock” is even helpless. You may laugh and talk but still, an emptiness exists inside the heart in the closed box with a bomb ready to explode even at a small instance of name similarity.

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