SEO for E-Commerce websites

 SEO for E-Commerce websites

what is an E-Commerce website? it simply refers to those websites which are built for doing business online like buying or selling products as already around 20 million e-commerce are present over the internet and there is an anticipation that this number will increase by more than 90% in the next couple of years if we talk about today market leader in e-commerce website then there are end no of players among them amazon, Flipkart has captured almost entire e-commerce business. Day by day people are now shifting to online shopping so its demands are flourishing which is generating opportunities for everyone but the work is not finished till the website makes the works starts here because there is no usage of developing a website until it is not appearing on SERP so today we will discuss some strategy of SEO for e-commerce websites.

SEO works differently for every website as often we try to rank our website on a particular keyword for generating traffic but in the case of e-commerce, it is quite difficult as people do search for a product so it's highly important when the users search for any products your website should appear on the result page otherwise its a wastage of time, money and efforts.

How to do SEO for an E-Commerce website:

  • Keyword Research 
It is the first and foremost thing that any digital business owner needs to do when they start an online business it simply means you need to do really well research about keywords that the people searching for and then optimize the website as per the result basically it is known as on-page SEO which means optimize meta title, description, title tag, alt tag as it will help the google bots to read your website easily so there will be a higher chance of rankings of a website in SERP.

  • Blog post
the purpose of SEO is to get a ranking of your website in search engines so here blog can help into that for driving traffic to the website you can write blogs on the keywords on which you want to rank your website and additionally it will help in building new customers as nowadays people prefer reading blogs so you should start posting blogs and optimize it properly as per google bots.

  • backlink 
the backing is also a technique of SEO for driving traffic from another website into ours but it is only beneficial when the sites from where you take links for your website are not spammed otherwise it will fall down your website ranking on SERP so be beware when choosing any site for link building.

important key points:

  • use good quality words
  • use more long-tail keywords
  • don't do keyword stuffing
  • give a good product description 
  • use long articles for traffic generation

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