Need of Engineers Day

 Engineer's Day

“It is better to work out than rust out” - Sir M Visvesvaraya

Engineers play a crucial role in the development of a nation. On September 15, the country celebrates Engineer's Day to appreciate the contribution of engineers. The day is celebrated as a tribute to the first, and one of the greatest ever engineers hailing from India Sir M. Visvesvaraya. Visvesvaraya's contributions to the field of engineering and education are significant. Since 1968, India has celebrated Engineer's Day on this date every year. 1883.

September 15 is observed as Engineer's Day in India to mark the birth anniversary of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya - considered a pioneer in the field of engineering in India. M. Visvesvaraya was also the Diwan of Mysore from 1912 to 1918. In fact, he was the brain behind the Krishnaraja Sagar dam in Mysore as well as the chief designer of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad. For 2021, the theme was "Engineering for A Healthy Planet- Celebrating the UNESCO Engineering Report." As per reports, India has the second largest number of engineers in the world. Often at times, India is also referred to as the country of engineers. The day serves as a reminder to all engineers, especially civil engineers, to make Sir Visvesvaraya their role model and work towards accomplishing goals for the betterment of the country.

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