FirstCry – The Startup Story


FirstCry – The Startup Story



The Founder


In 2010, Supam Maheshwari launched FirstCry. Supam graduated from IIM Ahmedabad with a degree in engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. First-generation business owner that was driven to create something on his own, he founded FirstCry voyager. He is a founder of XpressBee, one of the biggest logistical platforms in the nation.


What is FirstCry?


FirstCry is a dedicated baby and children's merchandise e-commerce website. More than 2 lakh products are available on this site in many categories, including diapers, toys, clothing, and accessories. Additionally, this industry titan in e-commerce provides mother care products, such as food, nursing, skin, and wellness items.


The idea and foundation of FirstCry's inspiration


Supam's love for creating his own things inspired him to launch the First Cry. Supam had the concept for FirstCry after he observed that there were few options for infant supplies on e-commerce platforms in India.


He saw this as a chance to develop a platform specifically for infants and young children. It results in FirstCry's initial conception. Supam estimates that the baby and children's sector in India generates a revenue of about 50,000 INR crore after conducting additional research. What's more intriguing is that the offline market accounted for 95% of the total revenue.


Challenges which Appeared During the Commencement


India's FirstCry launched its baby care e-tailing business in December 2010. The business was started by Supam with a seed investment of roughly 25 million INR. He overcame every obstacle in a variety of fields, including payment gateway and logistics. Across the nation, there was tremendous competition in the marketplace for new clients.


Collaborations and the First Milestone for FirstCry


First Cry previously used an inventory-based paradigm. With their four ware house situated in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata, they were exclusively managing the logistics of goods within the nation. Later, they also began adding different sellers to the FirstCry portal, giving them the chance to offer their goods on its marketplace.


Additionally, FirstCry just debuted its BabyHug clothing line and CuteWalk shoe line. They have also gained control of Babyoye, a Mahindra platform for infant products in 2016.


The FirstCry worked with Masala Baby, a lifestyle, children's, and infants-focused business with headquarters in New York.


The Current Growth Status of FirstCry

Amitava Saha, co-founder and chief operating officer, and Supam Maheshwari, co-founder and chief executive officer, recently added SoftBank, a major Japanese internet and telecom company, to their list of principal investors.


These additional funds will probably be used to strengthen FirstCry's technological platform and increase its offline and online visibility. The whole amount raised will raise the First Cry's estimated value to $800 million.


Right now, FirstCry is the biggest online retailer for children in Asia. Over 300 of their offline franchise locations are spread over 100 different cities in India.


Trends in the Babycare and Mom Products Market Have Changed


As was already indicated at the beginning of the essay, there is a significant changeover in the Indian baby and children's market. However, the nation is currently becoming much more urban with a rise in nuclear families. Most parents today have two incomes, so they are more likely to spend the extra money on their kids. The number of children's items with the correct brand image and superior quality will inevitably increase.


Mothers in particular choose stylish and casual clothing for their children with new party and function dress. Children today are exposed to a variety of media, and as a result, they are more aware of their brands. Children are also actively making decisions about their clothing in another way.


As a result, FirstCry acquired a product inventory of varied items from over a thousand Indian and foreign brands. It carries some of the most well-known children's product brands, such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Disney, and Pampers.


Baby and kid markets: specialized or overloaded?


The market for baby and children's products is still underdeveloped. However, FirstCry is looking for a niche in which it may develop an entrepreneurial environment for parents. The business makes sure to provide the top brands and quality products available.


FirstCry is making a lot of effort to make sure that customers can easily access both its online and physical stores. Additionally, they are constantly improving its FirstCry Box campaign for wide-scale awareness to quickly reach their clients.


FirstCry – The Vision


In order to increase its offline market, The First Cry is looking for an aggressive strategy. FirstCry intends to continue seeing annual growth of above 100%.

The ultimate goal of First Cry is to dominate the Indian market for baby items.

Currently, FirstCry's key priorities are innovation, improvement, and effectiveness for its consumers' improved buying experiences. According to FirstCry, there is room for high-quality baby boutiques within 5 km of every Indian city. They are therefore attempting to close this gap by increasing their outlets.


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