Fading Of Cyber protection

Data security breaches result in the loss and theft of personal, sensitive data haven’t reduced their impact. Today any person or business within and outside India is still in position where in slight bargain they can procure personal information for vast majority of people , categorized and labeled for use and consumption. Data is used most often by some legitimate advertising agencies, unscrupulous telemarketing firms and Cyber criminals. Brokers of such Data in fact become so brazen where they have taken listing goods foe sale on mainstream e-commerce platforms. This may be done to reach more customers who can discover and subsequently purchase the data they provide, also attempt to lend some kind if legitimacy to unethical and possibly illegal nature of their trade. It leaves the general population to the range of harm in form of elaborate phishing attacks and financial scams aided by attackers access to personal information as well as other harmful activities which rely on attacker posses information about each individual.

The threat model for general user of internet comprise Cyber criminals and unscrupulous businesses, individuals with certain political and intellectual affinities have found they worry about the capabilities of government in this area. They are concerned about their security and integrity of their electronic devices. In January 2022 there was an investigation by the New York Times gives debate and problems that had existed around the alleged use of Pegasus Spyware in India. The investigation revealed that Indian government had purchased access to Pegasus Spyware suite in 2017 as part of roughly $ 2 billion acquisition deal for weapons and miscellaneous surveillance gear from Israel. It targeted Indian nationals.

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