What do you mean by Depression ?

Depression is a mental problem which cause when we take stress or tension. Mainly each one is having depression or some sort of tensions in their life. In this busy world, we go through a lot whether it is children or parents because children have their exams tension, parents have financial depression and a lot and these tensions become very deep and cause depression. Many teenagers and parents also have depression, but you have to find the solution which can cure depression. Suicide is also a very big problem which we shouldn't do anyway.

 Main causes of Depression
 1. Feeling loneliness
 2. Tension 
3. Not enjoying anything
 4. Thinking to kill yourself 
5. Taking stress all the time

 Suicide and depression is a major problem, but somehow there is a solution to it. If we have any problem in our life we should to our family, friends to get a solution. Before taking any wrong step you should think many times because it includes your family also. We have no right to end up our life for some problems which are temporary. So we should be very thankful that we are very lucky to see this world because many people didn't get the chance to come and live in this world, but we are lucky. If you see any symptoms like these then you should immediately consult a psychiatrist. They will help you to solve your problems and come out of it. If you find any difficulty in our life then consult a doctor to get your problem solved.

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