11 Creative ways to declutter your home

 11 Creative ways to declutter your home

Whenever we heard the word declutter and to declutter anything, we often get bored or don’t want to do that particular thing but decluttering the unwanted things from our life as well as from our home is very necessary. Decluttering some things from our life is necessary for our improvement or growth in life is such important as decluttering our home to feel the freshness of our home and taking the positive vibes.

So let’s discuss some of the few ideas to declutter your home – 

1. Making a to-do list - The first thing you should do is to make a routine or to-do list to declutter.If you make a to-do list you will not forget anything to do and serially one by one you can do all the things you have written in to-do list but make sure to keep in mind one thing that when you write all the works you will do in that day you will complete everything which is written in your to-do list.

2. Play a music while doing your work– Playing a music while doing your work you will never feel bored and it helping your mind cool and happy. Happy and energetic mind will always help you to do the things in better way.

3. Take one single room in a day– If you decide to do declutter your whole house then you will end up doing nothing because you will get tired and mainly bored. Take one room in a single day and organise all the work of that room and finish the room in that particular day. For example – if you have seven or eight rooms in our home. If you take one room ina a single day you will declutter your home in seven or eight days. So it’s not a very length process and you can do it .

4. Take 3 boxes to remove the unwanted things – You can take three boxes and name it recycle, no need, donation boxes and take one corner of the room and start working on that. When you will declutter the room you get many unuse clothes,papers or other stuffs. So take all the three boxes and keep the things according which you do not need. It will help get the things in a proper manner and it will take less time .

5. Making space in your room – You know your room better than others to keep in a better way. Making space in your room for necessary things if you want to add in your room. Some flowers or pots or a book shelf to look the room more beautifull so it’s important to make some space in our room

6. Donating things - When you decide that these things are of no use. Keep those things aside and donate it to others who need them because there are so many NGO’s, Ashram, Children welfare society whom you can donate and in return they will give you a lot of blessings. Donating others makes our mind,heart so happy. We feel like how much we can we are helping those who really need them.

7. Taking help – If you are not interested in decluttering your home type of person then you can take help from your family but not from friends. Cause friends will never understand how much you are attached to your room and your home. If you take help from your family they will u know you better and can help you out and they are also being attached to the home so then can give you better choice. 

8. Decluttering your kitchen – Taking out all the unnecessary things from your kitchen to look more clean and clen. Kitchen is the very important part of our home from where our food has been cooked to eat. 

9. Declutter your garden or surrounding – If you have small garden in your home then declutter all the bad things from your garden to look your garden very beautiful. Manage all the small plants in a proper way and cut all the damage or died trees which is not very good for your garden.

10. Declutter bathroom – Decluttering bathroom is also very necessary where our hygiene begins. Cleaning the bathroom and keeping fresh is the main thing we search for whenever we enter our own or others bathroom. Keeping a air freshner keeps your bathroom so fresh and smell beautifull. Arrange all the tubs and mugs to get more space in bathroom to wash clothes or having a bath.

11. Capturing before and after photos - Whenever you declutter a room or anything of your home take some corner and capture the before photos and see them well that how it really looks. Is it looking my room clean ? Is it my room looking very beautiful? After that start doing your work immediately and after decluttering all the rubbish things then capture some after photos and then you can see how it really looks so better. It will help you feel like you are best in doing anything.

So these are some of the best ways to declutter your home and making your home beautiful. If you are thinking to declutter your home then please follow these steps and go ahead. It will help you a lot.

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