What is Real Estate and its types?

 What are Real Estate and its types?

What is Real Estate?

Real Estate refers to any real or physical property which consists of land, buildings, fixtures, and roads. these structures can be both above and under the ground. for a business it refers to purchasing, producing, and selling property

types of Real Estate:

  • Land
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

1: Land:-

The land is a baseline for any real property. basically land refers to that property that is either underdeveloped or vacant. the land is used by developers for assembling it with some other properties so they can increase its value and the density of the property

you can buy land (real estate ) who don't have any building or structure in it. if you purchase land then you can build or develop it at your convenience while following all the rules & regulations connected with it.

2: Residential:

Residential real estate consists of properties used by individuals, families, and groups of people for a living purpose. it is the most familiar or common form of the estate which people know about under Residential estate there can be single-family homes, apartments, and other types of living arrangements.  

people usually buy this estate for living purposes with their families but if already have your home so you can use it as an investment for the future and whenever you find you need the money just renovate it and then sell it at a higher price. you can even give it on rent and can earn monthly rent on it.    

3: Commercial:-

Commercial properties are those which is used by a business to carry out its operations. it includes lands & buildings. the commercial estate is usually used for providing business services as it doesn't use for living purposes.

Businessmen can earn money through this property in two ways first by holding it till its value or piece increases in the market and selling it at a higher price and secondly by providing it on lease and getting rent on  it

examples- shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, parking slots, etc. 

4: Industrial:-

Industrial properties are those which are used for carrying out industrial business or activities. such as factories, construction, transportation, logistical, and warehousing.
industrial properties are very pricy but it has huge value, especially in malls where people come so they expect everything should show to them easily so it is in demand.

A career in Real Estate :

  • Analyst
  • Appraiser
  • Agent
  • Building Inspector 
  • Commercial Broker
  • Director of Real estate
  • loan underwriter
  • Mortgage underwriter


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