What is Journalism ? Write different aspects of journalism?

What is Journalism?

Journalism is the collection and distribution of news and related updates on what's happening around the world on social media, distributing posters and pamphlets, e-mails, magazines, blogs and many more. Journalism is the main pillar of our society or for our whole world because they work hard and they update news so we can watch, and read it. 

As in today's world, the channels are increasing so much and the audience is also increasing watching it. Without journalism or journalist, we are nothing, we will not know any single news whatever is happening around us.

In today's world if any student is making up their mind to start a career in journalism. You have taken the right decision. You will end up with a beautiful career in the Journalism field.

What are the different aspects of Journalism?


News is the most important factor in Journalism. News should be very much clear and it should be true. Remaking and over-repeating news bore citizens. Straightforward news likes people very much as they want to hear the fact.


Before delivering any news on any platform we should investigate the matter. The investigation is necessary. If a matter has not been investigated and news has been delivered it shows a very bad impact on the news channel or the company.


People share their reviews and their feedback. Reviews help a lot to understand the importance of the thing and help to improve or not. It might help in any way. Without review, nothing is accepted as good.


Columns are based primarily on the personality of the author, allowing him or her to write about subjects in a personal style. Column writers can take a humorous approach, or specialise in a particular subject area or topic. IColumnists need to develop a voice that is recognisable by their readership. Columnists can interpret events or issues or write about their own experiences or thoughts. Columns are usually published weekly.

Journalism is a very good profession and hard working. Journalists are the main pillar of our world.

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