what is journalism and its different aspects?

 what are journalism and its different aspects?

what is journalism? it is basically an activity of collecting, assembling, and distributing fact-based news and relevant data in front of the public in unfiltered form. the term journalism signifies a profession known as a journalist this post has the responsibility of generating news from various sources or channels which consists of media, inside sources and eyewitnesses, etc.

6 different types of journalism:

1: Print journalism:

it basically involves works of investigation, reporting of events in newspapers, magazine,s or in printed form in a reach of wide audience . it also covers cultural aspect of society like arts & entertainment . photojournalist usually have an pair with printjournalist who click the pictures and make understand people through the medium of photographs.

2: Investigate journalism: 

these kinds of jounalist have an agenda of showing unfiltered facts and information.many times people don't share all the information so in these situations the journalist show their skills to present and gather the truth and present it to in front of the public.

3:Broadcast journalism:

brodacst journalism jobs consist local news anchor weather reports and production crew.as we all see in television , film we heard about the behind the camera news which is anonymous to the public so they have basically work of showing the real story of behind scenes.

4:Review journalism:

 these types of jobs basically consist of writing about any event ,object , happening or any person as per their point of view in a true manner which should not be biased. these works excite the person as they have an chance of portay the things in as per their manner.

5:columns journalism:

columns are basically blogs which can be written in any field in which you have an expertise . it can be written on weekly basis .

6:feature writing:

it is also a kind of blog but it is long in length about any event , happening.it highlisht the point which was unseen . the information is gathered by interviews .it is very useful and if your blog got famous then you might get award .

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