Tourist Destination and 5 reasons you should visit Goa

 What do you mean by tourist destination?

A tourist destination is any city or place where you can visit and explore things. It attracts the nature of that particular place, the beauty, the most historical monuments, temples and their famous food.


Goa is the smallest state in India. It is bounded by the states of Maharashtra in the north and Karnataka in the south and east and the Arabian Sea in the west. Goa's capital is Panaji. It is located 400 km south of Mumbai. Goa is very famous for its beaches and its goan foods. The climate of goa is equally high and low temperature throughout the year and it receives rainfall in the monsoon season. 

Agriculture is an important factor in goa's economy. It has a large fisheries industry and they have agricultural farms where they grow mangoes, cashew, sugarcane, pulses, coconuts, and betel. 

The transportation service to Goa is available by road, sea, rail and air.

Goa is the most beautiful place to visit and explore new things. Till now I have not visited goa but for sure to go one time for a vacation. There are some famous beaches, food and monuments there. 

Let's explain it briefly

1. Calangute Beach

It is one of the most popular beaches in Goa. It is located in the district of North Goa. The main tourist attraction is in New Year and Christmas time and during the summer of May. Calangute beach is the most adventurous beach. It has many watersports like parasailing, banana rides and jet- skiing.

2. Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada is situated in North Goa. From September to March it is the best time to visit Fort Aguada and see the beauty of the fort. It is built at the mouth of the Mandovi river and it takes 2 hours to visit and sees the entire fort.

3. Baga Beach

Baga beach is situated in North Goa. It is a popular beach with bars, restaurants and clubs. It has many watersports such as parasailing,net-skiing, kite surfing, and wakeboarding. There is a Tibetian market on Baga Road for shopaholics. 

Baga beach has an indoor snow park where you can enjoy many games in the play area and sledge in the sledging area.

4. Dudhsagar waterfall

Dudhsagar waterfall is also known as the Sea of Milk and it is the highest waterfall in India. November and December is the most beautiful time to visit Dudhsagar waterfall and the nearest railway station to reach Dudhsagar waterfalls is Castle Rock Station. It is located in the Mandovi river in the state of Goa.

5. Butterfly Beach

 Butterfly beach is located in south goa. It is also known as honeymoon beach. Butterfly beach has a very beautiful view and is surrounded by a thick forest. These beaches have dolphins and butterflies on the top hillside.

5 reasons why you should visit Goa 

* Goa is a beautiful place to go for a vacation with your loved ones. You can enjoy the sunset beach walk and doing shopping in the markets.

* Goa has its famous food which is called Goan food. Goan food is incomplete without fish, rice and fish curry. Once you eat this Goan food you will always be in love with this famous Goan food of Goa. Another snack which is very popular in India is the samosa. Many people love samosas but Goan samosas is one of the best snacks served in every tea corner or stall in Goa.

* In Goa you can enjoy doing watersports available on beaches. Example - parasailing, jet- skiing, banana ride, boat ride, Ringo ride, windsurfing and many more.

* If you want to enjoy a festive atmosphere you can plan a trip to Goa. Many carnivals are there to enjoy and the church at Christmas time. It is one of the most beautiful views in Goa.

* Dolphin spotting is another reason you must visit Goa. There are many dolphins on Goa beaches and if you take a banana boat and ride into the ocean you will see dolphins jumping out to play. Candolim beach is very popular for dolphin spotting.

Hope you will find this blog helpful if you plan a trip to Goa and if you want more details about the planning and booking of tickets, and resorts in Goa, you can check their official website.

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