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In past few years trends of women in india especially millennial women traveling alone has gone up significantly, to greater empowerment, financial independence and a desire to set her own goals and improve the quality of her life. But traveling without family and friends also means that she is the captain of her own ship and will have to make all the preparations to sail alone . A travel kit is a collection of items which may be needed during travel which are packaged together for convenience. There are a number of different kinds of travel kits, including things like travel sewing kits which include basic sewing tools for making quick repairs to clothing while traveling, and travel toiletry kits which include items needed for basic hygiene. Many stores sell fully stocked travel kits, along with components of travel kits for people who need to restock or design a custom kit.
Here are some few things that women definitely needed during travel :
1. BACKPACK : Having the right back is important . Whether on an urban adventure through Asia or enjoying a mountain gateway . We will make sure that you have an indestructible backpack . It has multiple compartments to store everything from everything from camera to clothes to valuables stuff .
2. CLOTHES : this is an obvious that while traveling we need a lots of clothes. But it most important in women travel kit as we women dress accordingly what the weather allows as some days will include mountains , beach , and rocky.
3. SHOES : every shoes has a different comfort level as we go for hiking , beach and terrains have different types of shoes we wear .
4. MAKEUP : it is also an essential part of women travel kit . As every women need to look best if you are posing to a beautiful location.
5. MENSTRUAL CUP : period can arrive without announcing themselves . Periods have that irritating way of interrupting your leisure time , and when you're traveling, it can be even worse . The worst thing we're likely to happen when there isn't a ready supply of feminine protection nearby . So if you want to enjoy your vacation without Any tension so take your menstrual cup along with you. It's an inexpensive and eco friendly too.
6. PEPPER SPRAY : it is preferable to avoid places or situations that are known to be dangerous. It is preferable to be well prepared. As a result strongly advised to always have a pepper spray in hand in case of any emergency.
7. FIRST AID : it includes a few first aid elements like bandages , medicines, mask , hand Sanitizers, and hand washes .
8. POWERBANK : it's helps when you find yourself in unexpected situations like when you realize there's no power outlet around and you have no way of getting anywhere either . This why every traveller should carry PowerBar to make sure that your phone never runs out of juice .
9. TRAVEL CARD : the chances of robbed or mugged in unknown and deserted places is very high , more so for solo women travellers . For solo women travellers this can be exhausting as there is a long list of items that one needs to be mindful of . To be on the safe side , you would do well to carry less cash on you and instead use a travel card that is linked to a mobile app.
10. INTERNET : when you travel internationally or domestic also your first priority is to find access to the internet to that you can stay connected with all of your friends and family who are back home . You might be looking for a restaurant or museum nearby or checking in on new roads and streets . Which might otherwise be too far for Map applications to pinpoint accurately. There's no denying it when you travel . You just can't live without Google maps or your smartphone , you need an access .
If a solo women traveller's carry these few accessories with them , rest assured they will have a safe , smooth , confidence , boosting and an enjoyable excursion to whichever part of the world they may travel to.

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