the ultimate guide to database management!

 the ultimate guide to database management

What is database management? it is basically a computer program that is designed to store structured data and operate functions as per the demands of the users. the top example of a database is banking where all the transactions performed by the bank are controlled and tracked by this software.

there are four types of software:

  • Network database: 

when the details of different members can be attached to different owners and vice-versa is called to the network database.

  • Hierarchical database: 

when the data keep in form of records and attach links to each other is called a hierarchical database.

  • Relational database: 

when we record data in form of a table that comprises rows and columns and keeps the data in the relevant field.

  • object-oriented database: 

  the information is recorded as objects and connects different possible connections made in two or more objects.

Benefits of database management system:

  • it allows the multi-user to access the same file at the same time which makes it efficient.
  • there is a backup function in a database that gives a surety of data safety.
  • a single is capable of controlling the entire database which reduces duplicity of data and makes it reliable.
  • as in a database, data is organized in the form of tables which make the data simple for understanding and convenient.

key issues in DBMS:

  • Scalability:

everyone wants results speedily as they can not wait but DBMS shows result slows so there is always a question of how to scale up it by enhancing its storage capacity or memory or buying a new CPU or using different machines so there is an issue which is still not solved.

  • security:

As we know there is tight security in form of authorization in the database but still, it is not too hard for bad guys to breach it and make use of it so still, there is a doubt about the privacy of data.

  • expensive :

As DBMS is not something that ordinary people can use or understand its functioning so it needs experts who are rare in numbers and expensive so it's not a cup of tea for all businesses to make use of it.

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