The ultimate guide of SEO

 The ultimate guide to SEO 

What is SEO? it is the practice of getting traffic to your website from organic efforts. common work includes SEO high-quality traffic, optimizing the content on targeted keywords, and building backlinks through different techniques.

On a short note, SEO is basically to get organic rankings of a website in SERP. The main advantage of organic rankings is to you get free traffic which remains for a long time duration.

main tasks involve in SEO:

  • Develop and design a website that can easily be ranked on google.
  • enhance the traffic and the quality of the website from google.

  • promote your website by understanding the google algorithm and user visiting process into a website.

How to a Search Engine function?

  • Crawling: 

It means when google bots read all webpages that are linked to a website and understand what kind of content involves in a website and when a user searches the same kind of query then if google finds the content relevant as per the user query then google shows that website in its search result page.

  • Indexing:

After crawling all the webpages of a website, the google bots make a database and store the relevant webpages there for retrieving the data when needed in a particular format. it will keep the same type of keywords searches query in a particular file so if any users type in a search engine they can easily retrieve it from there.

  • Processing:

when a user searches a query then google bots process and compare it with indexed pages then if it finds the relevant pages it shows it on the search engine page.

what is onpage and offpage SEO:

Onpage SEO means website inside changes that contain high-quality content, meta title, meta description, and heading, alt tag, keywords selection, and putting keywords in the right place.

off page SEO on the contrary includes backlinks building, increasing link popularity through different techniques like Profile building, social bookmarking, article or blog posting many more.

what are SEO strategies :

  • white hat SEO
  • black hat SEO
The white hat strategy includes organic efforts or practices to get traffic and rankings for a website. For instance, a white hat strategy may include tactics like producing user helpful content and having a fast loading speed and putting keywords naturally.

The black hat strategy includes spamming activities for generating traffic that contains plagiarism content and purchasing backlinks and all those tactics which are against google rules & regulations.

Do and don't of SEO:


  • Always opt for white hat techniques which we mentioned above as it will give long-term benefits and traffic to your website.

  • always try to bring backlink which has high DA and PA but a low spam score in short spam means bringing quality backlink from a relevant website.
  • use title tag on your website which should be unique and diverse for all webpages and relevant as per your website content.
  • write engaging content on your website which makes the user experience better.
  • search for keywords which is relevant as per your niche and keep in mind its searches and volume of it.
  • make your website user-friendly and mobile friendly as user searches more through phones .


  • do not use the black hat technique as it can bring rank for your website but for short spam of life so don't opt it ever for just getting fast rankings.
  • don't opt for backlinks from spammy sites and have a low DA & PA than your website.
  • don't opt for the same title for every page as it is not a good idea.
  • do not use keyword stuffing as google can easily pick it up.

  • do not use copied content on your website.

Some important factors of on-page SEO:

1: Title tag and meta tag:

  • the title tag should be unique for all web pages.
  • the character length of the title tag should be between 50-65.
  • meta description character should be within the limit of 160.
  • it should contain keywords naturally.

2: Image optimization:

  • the images should use an alt tag bcoz the google bot doesn't read the images as it understands the alt tag.
  • don't use large-sized pics as it will increase the loading speed of the website.

3: Internal linkings:

  • create internal links by anchor text.
  • links all important pages to the home page.
  • include 3 -5 internal links.

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