the ultimate guide about branding in marketing!

 the ultimate guide about branding in marketing!

what is branding? Branding is an activity or procedure which contains creating any unique name or image or logo of any company, product, or service. its main purpose is to influence people towards our business .it is done through spending money on advertisement.

Branding helps a business to build its own presence in the market which is always remembered by loyal customers. A brand can be a name, symbol, term, or any signature or logo which distinguishes any business or its products from its rivals in the eyeballs of customers.

features of branding:

  • Create loyalty:

for any business, customers loyalty plays a very important role in its growth as when the customers start trusting the brand then it retains and connects them with the brand as there is a certain type of people who have any specific choice of the brand which they follow when they are looking for the similar type of service which the business is catering.

  • Maintain consistency:

Building a brand is not easy for which every business needs to be consistent about their promises which they do in their advertisement otherwise it would hardly take seconds for a customer to switch from one to another brand as they have innumerable choices.

  • Proper targeting :

every business is not meant for every age people as they have a specific audience who buys their products so the business should build its brand among those specific people only as it can not target everyone who doesn't require as well, so before deciding on any brand strategy the business should keep its potential audience in its minds and then implement.

what should a Brand do?

  • A brand helps a business to deliver its message clearly to its audience.
  • it helps in building the loyalty of customers towards the business.
  • it ensures the brand's reputation or trustworthiness in the market.
  • it encourages the customers for purchasing the business products.
  • it connects the emotional touch of the customer with the product .

How to build a Brand marketing strategy?

  • Define your brand objective or purpose:

Firstly think about your business whether it's small or big does not matter and find out what is unique to your business that can help your business to build its brand. for this you need to find out answers to these 3 questions :

1: what problem your products or services is resolving?
2: does the brand is impactful for this planet?
3: how do you want your brand should make people feel?

  • Define your target market:

after deciding your purpose now the business needs to decide its potential audience whom they have to target as every business is not meant for everyone so the business has to find its niche market where they need to target for which they need to focus on some of these factors ;

  • Age and gender
  • hobbies & passion
  • where your customers usually go shopping?
  • In which social media platform your customers are highly active?

3: Form the brand reules or guildeines :

Brand guidelines are about some rules which a business needs to follow consistently to build trust and reputation in the market. some factors covered under it are:

  • logo design
  • elements
  • typography
  • usage examples
  • tone of voice

4: Start reading about the competition:

every business should have a list of its competitor with whom they are fighting in the market. the list should contain details about their price, product, and brand strategy. it will help them to understand their competitor's strategy well.

5: Evolve your brand:

No business is certain for a long time as when in the environment certain changes took place then every business also has to adopt those changes as it could involve changes in customer preference, shifting in fashion or trends or entry of new business or rivals so every business needs to handle these changes while maintaining its business consistency.

I hope it will help you!

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