The Real Heroes

 The Real Heroes

‘Hero’, is a term that is very familiar to everyone. For kids, their favorite cartoon character is a real hero, for adults the main character of their favorite movie is a real hero. Whenever we listen to or read the word ‘Hero’, we just think about the movie character. But really, is it true that they are heroes? They are just celebrities who do their job in films, being an actor. The act they perform is just for entertainment purposes, not the real one.  


If we find the real meaning of hero then according to the oxford dictionary, 'Hero is a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities'. Then according to this definition any person who does extraordinary work in real life, that normal people don’t perform in real life is considered to be a hero. These people are known as real heroes and they live with us in our surroundings. 

The Real heroes

The real heroes are ordinary people with extraordinary thoughts and skills. They dare to do what others are afraid to do so. They dare to achieve something for the betterment of society or nation. We can relate this to anyone in our surroundings whose actions are doing well for our society. 

There are a lot of people who are working hard for the growth and change of society. They are trying to remove the roots of social evils like dowery, child labor, female feticides, exploitation, etc., from our society. We can see a lot of people who start NGOs for social welfare and working for poor people, they are real heroes.

We can proudly say that the soldiers, who are working day and night to protect our country are real heroes. They left their house and family to perform their duties and they don’t know will they met their family again or not. They are doing an extraordinary job that cannot be performed by an ordinary person.

Our freedom fighters who sacrifice their life for the freedom of our country are real heroes because their goal was just to save their nation. They didn’t care for their life or their future, they just cared for the country. Due to their efforts and sacrifices, we are living happily.

During the time of the pandemic, the doctors and nurses who work day and night to save the life of people are real heroes. The sports persons who won awards for their nation are real heroes because they are inspirations for our future generation. Our teachers who teach us to become better people are real heroes. Anyone whose acting does well for others is a real hero. 

Many people are still there in this world, who are working effortlessly for the benefit of the better nations but they don’t get consideration. They are hidden behind the ordinaries in everyday life but their acts of compassion make them special. So, if you find such people in your surrounding then consider them real heroes and get inspiration from them to do something great for your society. The more we work effortlessly for the welfare of others the more heroes we get who have the courage to change the world.

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