Sustainable development

 Sustainable development 

Sustainable development is simply based on the model that human should live their life comfortability by fulfilling all their needs without disturbing the availability of resources for our future generation. for achieving sustainable development we need to preserve our natural resources without haunting our quality of life socially & economically.

this is not a new theory which is we are studying, this concept has been followed by many cultures over the course of history with the motive of stabilizing human needs with the availability of resources.

why do we need it? Today we are so focused on making our country developed and augmenting its growth that we somehow overlook our health as in this process the quality of our natural resources is diminishing for instance reduction in the quality of air winds & climate change for greenhouse release and so on.

what are the goals of sustainable development :

  • Reduce inequality is one of the major problems which we see on our daily basis as it happens within and among the countries, for instance, lower paying income inequality in areas of a country or preferring specific country for trading as it is showing some goods changes as well as but still there is more to do because it discriminates the people for using the resources equally and moreover it augments the utilization unnecessarily. 

  • as per the UN reports access to electricity in poor countries has been started in a speedy way and energy efficiency is going to be better and renewable energy is also contributing effectively.

  • education is very important for any child as it helps in reducing poverty in a country and contribute to its growth but as there are areas in our society where people don't think so socially about girl's education they tend to avoid but the data shows that it has also drastically changed and now the education or literacy rate has increased over the years.

  • clean water availability is hampering the people's health as it is so important to drink safe & clean water as it dilutes our system but one of our three people don't have the access of that as during the covid time it was become more important to keep our self safe but still there is a lot of work to do.

  • gender inequality is also a major issue in our society as boys are given more priority than the girl in everything when it comes to giving education or marriage there are many places where girls are been forced to marry early without consulting with them as their parents could not afford the education cost of them so it is a serious issue because until people will not change their mindset there will no changes seen to have.

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