Real estate, types of real estate

 Real estate

Real estate is property in the form of land , houses, or other buildings. It is real property that consists of land and improvements , which include buildings , fixtures , roads , structures , and utility systems.
It having generally immovable property . 
For anyone who want more gain in property with low investment and more gain they should have real estate . 
There are many benefits of investing in real estate include passive income , stable cash flow , tax advantages, diversification, and leverage.

There are five main categories of real estate which include residential, commercial, industrial, raw land , and special use.

Investing in real estate includes purchasing a home , rental property, or land . Investment in this immovable property help person in future as everyone need money for their survival without money nothing can been taken in this world . So by investing in these properties people will gain more with their less investment after sometime in the future.

Types of Real Estate

1. Residential real estate - 

Any property used for residential purposes. Examples include single - family homes , condos , cooperatives, duplexes , townhouses, and multi-family residences.

2. Commercial real estate - 

Shopping centres, restaurants, schools , hospitals, and office spaces all are some examples of commercial properties that we are probably familiar with. Investing in them is more expensive as computer to residential properties, but the chances of profit generation are better too.

3. Industrial real estate - 

Buildings and factories used for manufacturing goods and warehousing are known as industrial properties. They are generally located far away from the city to avoid the citizens getting affected by their pollutants. Each factory produce polluting agents so it's better that it should be far away.

4. Mixed use real estate - 

Mixed use real estate is fun investment because it allows you to play with both residential and commercial real estate.
The cool thing about mixed use real estate is that it can be single homes zoned on commercial land , which means a home can become a business such as a barber shop or boutique. It also includes properties like apartment building with retail stores on the first floors. 

5. Land - 

I think buying a land is one of the best idea in this generation. As day by day the price of land is increasing and if one person buy land today then in future he will get profit as their price will increase. Here investors typically receive more ROI when they purchase a building and rent it out as opposed to buying property with the purpose of holding on to it and selling it at a later date .

So investing in a real estate is good idea for anyone . We always need some property to ensure our financial condition will be good in the future. If a person don't have any real estate he or she will regret later as everyone need money for their livelihood and maintaining their status in the society.

Try to invest in real estate it will surely help you in your difficult time .

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