Online platforms for learning

 Online platforms for learning

Today learning has become easier than before as now people can get any course or degree online from the comfort of home. if anyone just wants to explore a topic or to learn new skills then they can easily go on google and search for it and they will find end no platform where they can learn. 

How virtual learning platforms are good:

  • it has an effective remote learning experience 
  • get instant feedback from teachers 
  • learn in a safe environment as per your schedule or timings with comfort
  • get more time which spoiled in traveling to school

today we will discuss some online platforms from which you can learn any skills:

1: skillshare:

skillshare is a vast platform online wh possesses a library of over 20000 classes. it has earned the honor of being he top learning online platform. it consists of a presentation which has a duration of around 20 min with a class project.

skillshare membership contains:

  • 2-month free trial
  • free membership allows you to have access to 2000 classes
  • its premium membership is $15 per month and $ 99 for a year.

2: Coursera :

coursera provides various certificate, degree programs , and general courses which makes you excel in a field for your success. here the students bring education from top educational institutions and companies like duke university, standard, or Google.

what Coursera provides you:

  • free courses
  • the degree program includes MBA, computer science
  • professional certification in digital marketing
these all courses can help a person in development or enhance their skills for getting success in his career.


Udemy is low-cost education or learning option for anyone who wants to learn design, web development, marketing, music, and many more. it has around 155000 classes in which you can choose whichever you want as per your course or interest.


It stands for a massive open online course . as it is an extension of EDx. it is a great free online platform where you can learn free and can build your career in the field of engineering, data science, computer science business, and management.

5: EDx:

 it's a great platform where you get to learn from top universities like Harvard, MIT many more. micro bachelor and micro master programs help adults to speed up their careers fastly with low-expense programs.

How to choose the best online platform:

  • How old are you like what are u looking for well it will depend upon your age as every platform is not made for everyone so choose the right one.
  • how many students does a platform teach at a time there are students who can not study with thousands of people at a time so decide it 

  • does they offer extra help if the student is not able to understand the class.

I hope it will help you in understanding how the digital era is changing and providing endless opportunities in the education field for learning.


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