Everyone is searching for jobs and it has become very difficult to get one, so you have to acquire new skills to stand out from the crowd. Getting a platform to learn new skills is difficult. Online platforms are the escape in this scenario.

List of online learning platforms-

1) COURSERA - It is a global online platform that offers 3000+ courses to anyone, anywhere, with access to online courses and degrees from well-known universities.

  • courses- 3000+
  • cost- starting from 9 dollars.
  • certificate- yes

Why choose it?

It partners with 250 top universities to bring affordable, job- relevant courses.

It also provides hundreds of free courses .

2) UDEMY- It offers 185,000 online video courses along with extra additions every month.

  • cost- starts from INR449.
  • Certificate- yes but not for all.
  • authorised  institution- no

3) SKILLSHARE- It is a subscription-based online platform that offers around 70 different creative courses.

  • courses- 70+
  • cost- 14 dollar per month
  • certificate-no
  • authorised institution- no

why choose it ?

It provides 7-day free trial for subscriptions.

4) MASTERCLASS- It offers you to learn from the inspiring artists of the world.

  • courses- 100+
  • cost- 1295 INR per annum.
  • certificate- no
  • authorised institution- no

why choose it?

Memberships in MASTERCLASS gives unlimited access to all courses.

5) EdX- It has partnerships with top institutions like Harvard, MIT, Berkeley etc.

  • courses- 3500+
  • cost -
  • certificate- yes
  • Authorised institution - yes

why choose it?

It has bachelor's as well as master's degree programmes and also provides 90% financial assistance.

Difference between  E-learning vs live online learning

E-learning                                                                   Live online learning

1) Pre-recorded video lectures.                                              1) live lectures conducted by online tutors.
2) students have to understand the study materials.               2) Tutor guide the students.
3) Students can give test, quizzes any time .                           3) Students have to give test in presence of                                                                                                       tutor.

Tips to choose the best online learning platform-

1) Must have easy interface.
2) Quality lectures.
3) Must have demo lectures.
4) Must have assignments at the end of topic.
5) Must give certificate at the end of course.

Pros and Cons of learning online-

Pros                                                                                                      Cons

1) Easily accessible.                                                                                  1) Distraction.
2) Affordable.                                                                                            2) Isolated environment 
3) Choice of tutors.                                                                                     3) Technology issues


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