Movies play a pivotal role in our lives. Regardless, whether it is a 5-year-old or an elderly watching, each has its own tastes and preferences in movies. For some binge watching might be a stress buster, likewise, for a few, it might be a source of entertainment in family gatherings. There are various OTT platforms streaming blockbuster movies. For example, Netflix is the biggest platform, where people all over the world binge-watch. Apparently, there are various genres, like as example, rom-com, mystery, thriller, animations, and many more.

 On a Sunday evening, a family usually plans to watch a movie, which acts as a source of entertainment and binds them together. There are various instances in the movies where we relate ourselves to the protagonist, and aspire to live as heroically as them. Although not all of them play a positive and detrimental impact. Some prove to be wretched. There might be a few, which seem efficacious to us but on the other side be impractical to others. Therefore, one must be mindful of the content that they are consuming.  Cause we adapt habits and activities which are portrayed in the content. Movies can also be a source to spread awareness regarding various social topics. It can be used as a medium to educate and make people aware of social issues. A large proportion of the population in India is under the impression that the things being done and said in the movies are always realistic and accurate because it is performed by their favorite artists. But what they do not envisage is the impact it is creating in their lives. Intending to maintain communal and religious harmony, the movies in India go through a process of censorship. So that it is accepted by all the communities and does not hurt the religious sentiments of any. Having said that, there are a few movies that seem to be on screen, even though it has not been accepted well by the audience. In such a case various inter-communal riots come into view.

 Media can act as a boon as well as a bane for an individual. Rest the decision lies on the audience, whether to make that 3-hour watch worthwhile and actually learn about a plethora of new events rather than simply consuming impractical content and not being conscious of what they are consuming. Movies can act as escapism which gets us off reality for sometime and dive into some really crazy tale that interests us the most.


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