New Education Policy 2022

 New Education Policy (NEP) 2022

New education policy (NEP) 2022 is a policy in which all the education systems have been taken to a new and good quality level. With this policy, you will get all the world-class education in which you will make your career better.

In 2022 new education policy system they have three language formulas and a 5+3+3+4 strategy.

Some of the points in which you will get to know more about policy:-

* They will have the three language formulas i.e regional language, Hindi and English.

* They have changed the 10+2 strategy and instead of that now they have 5+3+3+4. Students will have various stages. They are

5 - Foundational stage

3 - Preparatory stage

3 - Middle stage

4 - Secondary stage

* They have mainly aimed at vocational education as a new education policy which will aim the students to know their regional language, mother tongue till 5 the years.

* Till class 5 they will only have their local language and in school and higher education, they will include the Sanskrit subject. 

* To learn the students the regional language easily they will get their instruction in that regional language instead of English till class 5.

* Master's degree will be longer required.

* The policy wants that all the students get quality and equitable education in India in the gas group of 3 - 18 years.

Foundational stage (5)

The foundational stage will be the first 5 years of a child's schooling. After 3 years the education the children will go to Anganwadi, kidzee and the nursery's play school.

For the next 2 years, the children will develop their basic knowledge, activity-based learning

Preparatory stage (3)

The next preparatory stage will start from 8 - 11 years in which the children will learn basic literacy and numeracy skills that will help students to know more about the various subjects.

Middle stage (3)

The middle stage will compromise 11 - 14 years in which they will learn academic skills like reading, writing and language competencies. They will also develop their teamwork, and problem-solving.

Secondary stage (4)

In this last stage, they will be 14 - 18 years of age. During this stage, the students will learn all the basic subjects like Social science, Mathematics, Science, and English and they get the opportunity to learn various elective subjects. The secondary stage aim is to provide students with the skills and the knowledge they need to prepare for further education.

In this new education policy 2022, they aim to provide all the students get a world-class education and they can gain the knowledge of various things which will help to make their life better.

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