Make in India scheme

 Make in India scheme

Make in India is our prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi's scheme was launched in 2014 with the motive of enhancing the domestic manufacturing sector and augmenting investment in the country. the make in India initiative is based upon four pillars which have an agenda of boosting entrepreneurship in India not only in manufacturing sector but also in other sectors as well as.

the make in India initiative focuses on the development of companies of India by producing the product within its own boundaries rather than buying it from outside and feeling independent and a modern country. the scheme launched under Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan influenced the foreign capital for investing in the manufacturing sector of India for creating employment options for transforming India globally.

 the idea behind introducing this initiative is to generate more employment & saves our nation money from importing goods from outside rather than encouraging to make this in our own country which will help in boosting the GDP of the country and reduce unemployment.

the swadeshi companies are the best example of make-in-India products which is contributing to uplifting the GDP for a long time. this program is not only on paper but it is a mission for the growth of our youth. this initiative support people who want to open their own startup but have to deprive of finance they could not run so under this initiative the government provided around 930cr for startup business and around 2000 cr for ongoing business for moving ahead.

the best thing out of all these is that when the products are made within own boundaries then it saves lots of money on tax which reduces the cost of the product and provide it less costly to the people which helps in diminishing the poverty level and enhancing employment level.

Make in India is not as simple as it looks because to convince the big companies to setup their business in our company is big task as this is a whole process which takes time to implement.for instance there are companies who manufacture phones stick that note on back of their phone that it is made in our company but when it comes to India if we put the name of our country  at the back then nobody will accept it and they will replace it.

there is no doubt that India is a country of youth talent so that' why the gov and the banks support them in opening their own if you want to do the same then you need to do registration with having eligibility criteria by fillup the form on its official website. After receiving the application proposal for producing made in India products the candidate asked the future plans then they get approval if they find fit .after receiving approval the candidate need the certificate for the validity of the company and the right to use the logo for make in India products.

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