Linux and Open Source


Open Source and Linux

Open Source movement is a large movement of programmers and the computer users that advocate unrestricted access to the Source code of the software. The biggest strength of Open source is that it is free. Other advantages include it can be peer reviewed and make sustained innovation in the softwares. The idea behind the Open source is when programmers read, distribute and modify the source codes for a piece of software, the software is evolving. People improve it, adapt it and fix its bugs themselves.


Linux is a scaled down operating system originally developed by Linus Torvalds. At beginning Linux was originally Minix, an educational version of UNIX developed by Andrew Tannenbaum. Linux grew up cheap as UNIX that ran on Intel based PC equipment. Linux is really just an OS kernel produced under direction of Linus. Linux comes out with set of utility, desktop and server programs including networking suites, web servers, file systems, compilers etc. A number of organizations that include commercial and volunteers, collect together the versions of all these programs with Linux kernel, test whether everything works together and then release it, it is called a distribution of Linux.

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