Kashmir- The Heaven on the Earth

 Kashmir- The Heaven on the Earth

Kashmir is the northernmost geographical region of the Indian subcontinent. It is famed for the beauty of its lakes, meadows, and snow-capped mountains. The natural beauty and picturesque locations have made it a favored destination for tourists across the world. Kashmir Valley is known for its lakes and gardens. 

Different places to visit in Kashmir

  • Srinagar 

It is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kashmir. Nestled on the picturesque banks of the Jhelum River, Srinagar is known fondly as the “Heaven on the earth”. It is known for its colorful Shikaras and houseboats floating on the Dal Lake. The lake’s less urbanized eastern shore is decorated with the Mughal gardens that speak of history strung out for several kilometers.

  • Gulmarg

It is nicknamed the Meadow of Flowers and it is one of the most romantic places to visit in Kashmir. Gulmarg lets you soak in the picturesque views of colorful flowers spread against majestic snow-clad mountains.

  • Sonamarg

Sonamarg translates to "The Meadow of Gold '' in English. Nestled at an altitude of about 2,800 kilometers above sea level, this place is known popularly for its serene lakes, majestic glaciers, and snow-clad fields.

  • Betaab Valley  

In the year 1983, this little Kashmiri Valley formed the backdrop of the hit Bollywood flick Betaab. Since then, the former Hagan Valley has earned its name ‘Betaab’ Valley. With its backdrop dotted with coniferous forests, gushing streams, and meadows, the beauty of Betaab beckons to all those looking to escape into the serenity of the natural world.

  • Pulwama 

Pulwama is also nicknamed the “Anand of Kashmir”. Lying at a small distance of around 40 kilometers from Srinagar, Pulwama is known as the “Rice Bowl of Kashmir”. This town is known famously for its aromatic saffron fields, pleasant weather, and picturesque apple orchards. Flaunting majestic waterfalls, verdant valleys, mesmerizing natural springs, etc. 

  • Shalimar Garden

The beautifully laid Shalimar Bagh happens to be the largest among the three iconic Mughal gardens in Srinagar. The Shalimar Garden was constructed back in 1619 under the orders of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, who dedicated it to his wife Nur Jahan. Nicknamed the “Crown of Srinagar”, this public park is set overlooking the shimmering waters of the picturesque Dal Lake.

There are many other tourist places in Kashmir which make it heaven on earth. It should be visited once in your life. You can see the beauty of nature in every part of Kashmir. The culture and God-gifted nature make it one of the most beautiful places on the earth.

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