Gender roles

Gender roles: Will our future reflections change?

 Gender plays changing rolein our society in present scenario. Education and thoughts began to transform from lower strata of our society towards the world. But still we are asked to follow our ancestors words and footsteps follow us everywhere. From childhood onwards we all hear the stories of family which are portrayed as an ideal family which are arranged according to their gender roles. Parents assign activities which need to be followed by younger generations. They exert great influence on their children. Through socializing children categorize oneself. Elders through their readings and education are propagating the need to change the preassigned roles and disparities existing in our society. Mass media plays a huge role in gender roles. Through advertisements and cartoon programs showcase male sections of society as powerful. For example, in advertisements of cements, food products such as power drinks, electronic gadgets, educational products are all male dominated and are given active roles.

 Companies believe that their products will be 
successful and earn higher profits against their competitors through advertising lead actors. Citizens also follow the ads and believe them and unknowingly take part in ad stereotypes of dominant males. Advertisements shows courageous, independent and competitive male individuals. On the other side advertisements show female as passive, they are mostly showed in advertisements such as detergents, soaps and cooking powders, beauty products. These advertisements and gender roles deepen and strengthen the insights in youths mindset that these roles are followed by particular sections and the division of these actions need to be done by same category. If there arise any change in these gender roles citizens and companies are not able to accept the changes. Male lead actors are preferred rather than females in the advertisements which strengthen companies goodwill and fame.Females are always associated with food products and washing activities- domestic chores. Women shown as homemaker. Their roles are the same in advertisements also. The same traditional misrepresentation of women are followed and believed by our youth. All kinds of advertisements attract and seek attention from their audience but deep inside they follow gender stereotypes. They influence the choice of individuals life and affect their mentality towards gender. It can destroy and hinder individual and community growth in our society. There still exist differences between male and female in every spheres of the world. Advanced development in technology and products brought new changes in lives of people but thinking and mindset are same as before. 
The lead roles should be changed and ads should inculcate moral values and abolish the gender stereotypes by participating females in active roles and interchanging of roles will help upcoming future generations and strengthen actions and create positive impacts on these experiences and existing stereotypes. Gender roles define how each individual should think, dress and interact within the society and how it should impart knowledge. Women have to liberate oneself from such roles as homemaker in advertisements and should acquire a position which will establish women power and increase respect for women of future generations. They have to be given space to participate and express their views and creativity in the society and transform our society to a better place to live in. We are and will be able to fight against prevailing gender assigned roles. These should be change in the aspects and structure – new insights and thoughts through community education programs, students should be asked to tackle the problems which they face and see around their society for the betterment of the world. Each individual should try to understand differences between themselves and their communities which developed them. The have to realize the hidden inner stereotypes which are structured inside their communities and break the chains of gender. Everyone should change their attitudes, personalities and beliefs to imbibe the new insights and make their and elders of current generations come true. All the women should change their priorities in their life and should follow path towards their dream and passion. All should be able to understand their own value, educate and evaluate oneself in their lives. It would help to enhance a positive and meaningful relationship inside the children who will form a broad minded community. Public attitudes towards gender roles should be changed. Every sections and individuals are grounded towards acceptance and reality. All are trying to work or act according to the expectations of the society, this model need to be changed. Every gender should be provided with opportunities and same status to live in our society. It will take time to change the existing system. Even though many sections of society are trying and imbibing new development and changes in gender roles , some sections of communities are struggling to understand and accept the reality. Through new strategies and skills will help to form new communities which will enrich and deepen new values and beliefs inside upcoming future generations. We have to develop deep passion for a new change and work together for our future generations. Each actions should be louder and strong enough to crack the root cause of existing and upcoming norms and conventions. They should taste the fruit of our hardships. Proper education should be given to adults and children about their gender roles – the way how they should perceive. We have become reflections for our youth so that they can become proud of their future.

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